New Kingdom Hearts 3DS Trailer Dream Drops In

A brand spanking new cinematic trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3DS has arrived with added twirling, spinning and wall jumping.

The video demonstrates the touted ‘free flow battle system’ in full swing with both Sora and Riku darting around the battlefield like crazy, bouncing off walls and spinning around lampposts.

If your issue with the Kingdom Hearts series is that the combat is too samey, then on this offering it certainly looks to rectify that.

Source: Youtube


  1. Gice me a KH3!!!!!!!!!! Seriously this looks almost like the same game as KG:BBS.

    • Exactly. Give us Kingdom Hearts 3. I’m done with the KH games for handhelds. Give us the proper sequel on the PS3.
      As for the trailer, it is nice to see Traverse Town again. And is that Paris from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I’ve been wanting that world since the first KH game came out

      • Yeah, a Hunchback of Notre Dame world’s been confirmed for KH 3DS

    • They wont’t make KH3 until they’ve finished FFvsXIII, so you might as well play this while waiting ’cause it’s going to take a while.

      • Only have time for one handheld. And i’m not going to buy a 3DS for a spin off KH game.

      • Are you out of your mind, why not?!
        No, I understand you completely. And I didn’t mean that you should buy the game, or a 3DS and the game in this case. Just that you shouldn’t expect KH3 any time soon, I’d say 2014 at the earliest.

  2. this trailer isnt new at all..

  3. its actually quite old…¬¬

    • You’re right, that’s my bad, sorry. Will check more thoroughly next time.

      • Don’t be sorry, I’d never seen it before.

  4. I ind that having the story span four different consoles exclusivly has caused me to lose interest in the series as I’m not fully sure what is going on anymore.

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