Monster Hunter 3G May Not Feature Online Play

Capcom’s recently-announced Monster Hunter 3G seems to be causing a bit of an upset for gamers; upon its official debut it was confirmed that 3G would support local play, with no word on a wi-fi counterpart. An infobox from last month’s Nintendo Dream preview of the game also outlines no online or download play, though SpotPass functionality will be present.

According to a recent update from the publication’s Editor in Chief, the information given in print is “what’s been announced at present,” Capcom may well come forward with plans for online multiplayer in the coming months.

Monster Hunter is a landmark series in handheld gaming, a skill-based action RPG which combines traditional role-playing elements with an intense combat system and expansive character customisation. Each game in the series has supported a co-operative multiplayer component either online or via the PSP’s Ad Hoc.

Given the game’s extreme popularity in Japan, most gamers there are content with just having local multiplayer, though for those who aren’t in built-up areas or overseas players like myself, a wi-fi option is near-essential. With extreme skill and dedication the game can be overcome by playing solo, but the heart and soul of the Monster Hunter experience rests within its co-operative online play and hopefully Capcom acknowledge this leading into 3G’s December launch.

Source: andriasang 



    okay. tbf, its also good with local lan play when we all meet in town….
    yeah, im not going into the details of those meets..

  2. Would be odd without it I guess….it’ll need something like Adhoc Party imo

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