Xbox 360’s Version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 Will Ship On One Disc

Final Fantasy XIII -2 will come on one disc for Xbox 360 owners as well as PS3 owners.

The sequel to Final Fantasy 13, which was met with criticism for being too linear, will still have the same amount of content as the first game. Director Motomu Toriyama, who had an interview with Famitsu, said that FFXIII – 2 can fit on one disc, despite being the same size as the FF XIII, because all the event scenes are done in real time. This means the event scenes will even show armour changes.


The release date was also recently confirmed, with Europe getting Final Fantasy XIII -2 on February 3rd.

Source: Andriasang via Eurogamer




  1. But the last one was huge! If they’ve sacrificed quality on the PS3 for the sake of not showing up MS’s outdated disc format then I won’t be buying this.

    I’ve always loved FF cutscenes, I hope they still look good…

    • If it’s on a single DVD it won’t be. If it’s on a single DVD it will be linear. The only people that profit from this are Microsoft in that the 360 version won’t be significantly worse than the PS3 one this time round. I won’t be buying it now and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.

      • I love the non-ingame cutscenes and will really miss them but you are already deciding on not buying the game based on your own speculations that will probably turn out to be false anyways?

      • I’m still going to wait and see what the reviews say, I mean FFXIII was mostly linear and that was still great fun, so provided it’s at least as open world as its predecessor then I will probably still get it.

        Sacrificing those beautiful cutscenes though is a crime, I remember the awe I was filled with watching them in VIII, X and then again in XIII. They really were beautiful.

        I still have hope Squeenix will manage to pull something out of its collective ass and make all the problems go away, so it’s good to know I’m not completely jaded yet ;)

      • XIII’s cutscenes were AMAZING. I’d just played God of War 3 which has brilliant graphics, but my jaw literally dropped when FFXIII started..

        It’s become somewhat of a trend to use the in-game engine for cut-scenes as of late, which I don’t normally mind – but for XIII-2 I’m going to be slightly dissappointed. There could lot’s of reasons for doing this, and I don’t think fitting it on one Xbox disc is that reason. Money & development time are more likely the cause. Whatever happens I’ll still be getting this as I looved XIII.

  2. Something will have been sacrificed, I bet graphics and sound will be nowhere as good as the PS3 version of FF13.

    I’ll wait and see if FF14 come this generation and if that comes on 1 DVD disc then quality and game has been sacrificed alot.

    • Final Fantasy 14 is out already. It’s an MMO. FF15 will probably be held back for the next gen.

      • Think he means the PS3 version :)

        Also, it won’t come on one DVD, mainly due to the fact that, from what has been announced, it’s not coming to 360. PS3 and PC only.

      • Oh, the online aspect didn’t interest me so I didn’t care for it lol.

        FF15 then, it should come this generation if 2015 is the time PS4 and 720 are supposed to be released.

  3. Not sure how good a thing this is. One of the main problems with the 360 version was that the video and audio was so heavily compressed it just looked quite poor at times, even on 3 discs. If they’re popping it onto one disk this time, they’re either removing most of what was arguably one of the most impressive things about the firs game, the amazing cut-scenes, or they’re compressing everything even more.

    This worries me.

  4. Whatever MS did when they tweaked the way data is stored on their disks may have helped.

  5. I am concerned that FF13-2’s quailty may suffer a bit due to everything being compressed to fit onto 1 disc on the xbox. I have heard that the xbox version of 13 suffered from some visual problems and audio problems. If it needs more then one disc then do it. If a gamer can’t be bothered to change a disc at a certain point in a game then that is one lazy gamer. ;)

    • I can’t be even bothered to change games on the PS3, never mind changing discs for one game on the 360 lol.

  6. This may me more worrying in the sense that if 1 games is being scaled down just to accommodate the 360, then perhaps ALL multi plat games are – or some? Is this generation suffering due the the 360. Does it mean that the next gen will suffer as obviously there is no point releasing a competitive console that is far more powerful as the games will accommodate that generations lowest spec’d machine?

    Or is it all just a load of b&llocks made up by the internet?

    • Well, considering that most multiplatform games are technically superior on the 360 compared to the PS3 versions, I’d say the occasional Final Fantasy release is the only time a multiplatform release suffers because of the 360 version.

      • Which is what is worrying. Why is it technically superior on 360? Is the PS3 a limitation? Is it a case of make it work for 360 then make the PS3 version as close to it as possible? I wasn’t serious in my comment above, but then all 360 games being technically better on PS3 does disappoint if it is obvious when a developer wants to make a game as good looking as it can on different machines it can (FF13).

        I imagine this is a factor to consider for next gen consoles. Whats the point in PS4 being twice the power of Xbox 720 (as an example) if all games will be made to the lowest limiting factors then ported to the other console?

        I guess this is the problem with PC gaming. Games will be made for 360 (example) then ported to PC and often not look much better for it. I wouldn’t say the PC is an inferior machine though……

  7. Oh, so FFJibbaJabba2 will include Armour eh?

    i dont recall the original FFxiii having any kind of Armour so this will be a welcomed feature (especially if it shows in cut scenes)

    • I think they announced some armour packs as dlc did they not?

      Maybe that’s why they want to show it off. I agree though it will be nice having some variety. Knowing Squeenix they won’t skimp on the fan-service either ;)

  8. I don’t know if that is such a good thing cause the cut scenes have always been a huge thing in FF games so if they are doing something to them just to get it on 1 DVD not good i do hope that versus will stays as a PS3 exclusive

  9. Im not a microsoft hater but if the game has significant sacrifices just to suit them I could well start to be.

    • Every video in XIII was pre-rendered. They were able to go for huge size videos on PS3, but on 360 they had to compress further and spread across separate discs. Doing videos in real time means “all” they need is the audio and animation data, leading to huge space savings.

      It’s not much of a compromise or sacrifice.

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