Fifth Resident Evil Movie: Details Emerge

Everyone’s off at EGX which means I can slip in some news about the next Resident Evil movie. Personally I’m rather a fan of the movies (apart from the god-awful second one) and the fifth in the series sounds like it could be the best yet.

Lead actress Milla Jovovich has been indiscreetly tweeting details: filming is currently taking place in Russia with Red Square forming the backdrop to once scene; Claire, Chris and K-Mart have been abducted by the Umbrella corporation which will once again be controlled by Shawn Roberts as Wesker.


Sienna Guilloroy returns as Jill Valentine (Alice has an ‘epic fight’ with her) and new characters to the film universe include Leon, Ada and Barry Burton. Joining the new faces will be a new enemy, first seen in Resident Evil 4 and making its screen debut let’s have a big round of applause for… the Las Plagas parasite!

If none of that interests you, why not check out this video of Milla kicking ass as she trains for the new movie.

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  1. Sweeet. Love these films, though I don’t doubt for a minute they wouldn’t appeal to me if I wasn’t such a huge fan of the games :D

    • I have only seen the first two. This is due to, as Tuffcub stated, the second one being pretty $h!tty. I have been hearing good things about 3 and 4. I will have to give those a try.

  2. I thought the third movie qas quite entertaining. Haven’t seen the latest one yet but will give it a go before this one comes out.

    • The latest was pretty ace!

      • The latest is my favourite so far. As much as the first film was great because it felt more like a survival horror than an action film, the latest film definately has the most Resi references (though they need to bring back the lickers!)

  3. Great news! Can’t wait.

  4. Rookie policeman Leon, or Special Agent Leon? Hmm…

  5. NO! NO! NO! Afterlife was a pile of crap. Oh great, more characters for them to eff up. >:( The first 2 films were great and dengenration was great as well.

  6. I do enjoy these in a “so bad they’re good” way, but who on earth keeps financing them?!

    • Ironically, Sony

      • And the millions who watch them. Resi Evil 1 made $102m in the cinema, 2 got $129m, 3 got $147m and 4 a massive $296m

        They’re made for about 40-50 mill so rake in a huge profit, plus DVD & Blu ray sales on top.

  7. While not great films, I’ve always found the Resident Evil films pretty entertaining (thanks in no small part to the delectable Miss Jovovich) and I see no reason why the 5th one should be any different.

    • I second this statement in its entirety, took the words right out of my mouth. I loved the first and the third, yet to see the second but will try to rectify that asap. Milla is pretty damned awesome. And very hot. This is how video game tie ins should be made.

      • A lot of people didn’t like the 2nd movie, but any film with Nemesis in it gets bonus points from me! ;)

  8. I seriously don’t like these atrocious films. I just feel that they tarnish the Resident Evil name.

  9. Sky +ing the latest one tomorrow in 3D after getting the telly today.

    • Thanks mate didn’t realise it was on Sky3D, How are you getting on with the TV? I got quite a few films Sky+ but mainly kids movies Toy Story 1+2, How to train you dragon ect only ones i have for myself on there is Avatar.

      • I’m finding the tv ok atm. The only thing i’ve really looked at in 3D is the football though i’ve got a few 3D blu rays ready like Saw, Drive Angry and that sort of thing. The quality is great though its just a case of waiting for the right content for me of which there is some coming up. Thank for the link below BTW.

    • Oh and if you wanna know whats coming out on 3D here is the Sky3D guide for the month, gets updated every month.

      • No probs mate, i got a few 3D blurays Piranah, Guillivers Travels and Saw. The gaming is really cool.

  10. I don’t expect it to be good, but it should be fun :)

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