Fifth Resident Evil Movie: Details Emerge

Everyone’s off at EGX which means I can slip in some news about the next Resident Evil movie. Personally I’m rather a fan of the movies (apart from the god-awful second one) and the fifth in the series sounds like it could be the best yet.

Lead actress Milla Jovovich has been indiscreetly tweeting details: filming is currently taking place in Russia with Red Square forming the backdrop to once scene; Claire, Chris and K-Mart have been abducted by the Umbrella corporation which will once again be controlled by Shawn Roberts as Wesker.


Sienna Guilloroy returns as Jill Valentine (Alice has an ‘epic fight’ with her) and new characters to the film universe include Leon, Ada and Barry Burton. Joining the new faces will be a new enemy, first seen in Resident Evil 4 and making its screen debut let’s have a big round of applause for… the Las Plagas parasite!

If none of that interests you, why not check out this video of Milla kicking ass as she trains for the new movie.

Source: Twitter



  1. Resident Evil Afterlife was awesome, so yeah can’t wait for the 5th

  2. LOVE the films don’t care what anyone else says!

    Loving resi 4 since on the psn I can see what the fuss was about, tried playing it on the wii but gave up after twenty minutes,

    finish number 4 then hit number 5

    and can’t wait for my umbrella Corp umbrella to come from capcom to come through the post for the rainy days walking to work….. won’t I look uber cool!!!! nah not really lol

  3. Can’t wait, I think these films are great.

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