Supremacy MMA Gets Launch Trailer

The launch of Supremacy MMA is upon us, and to celebrate 505Games has released the final trailer for the game. Taking a grittier approach to fighting, don’t expect any of the glitz and pyrotechnics of UFC.

We’ll have a review early next week.

Source: YouTube


  1. Wow…looks like a must buy for me!

    • I played the demo. Don’t know if EU has it, I’m in NA. It wasn’t bad. It plays much more “arcadey” than games like UFC or even Smackdown. It was a little difficult to grasp but it never got frustrating, which UFC was guilty of. I game on a budget, so Blockbuster online helps me out. I didn’t see enough to justify $60. This game would fly off the shelves if they could offer it for $40 – $50. More games need to do that. Looking at you Shadows of the Damned.

  2. looks like mortal kombat crossed with wwf. very dark and and yet strangely comic.

  3. This looks awesome, satisfyingly violent. By going beyond real-life MMA they’ve introduced some cool features, like different locations and brutal moves (I’m pretty sure a double-footed head stomp is illegal in the UFC). If it plays as good as it looks it should sell well.

  4. Do you get to play as 8 year old boys?

    I’m putting this link here: before something thinks I’m dodgy.

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