TSA at EGX Podcast 1

Listen as Kris hosts a big crazy podcast with guests and everything. We have Jon Brady from Sarcastic Gamer and Peter Willington from lots of different places. We also welcome back former TSA dude, Davs Howard who now runs Mediakick.

We give our impressions of the first day at the Expo and give plenty of talk about the PS Vita. There’s video to come later but for now, wrap your earholes around our vocal chords and we’ll see you later. Well, actually, you’ll see us later.

Oh, and keep in mind that there will be strong language on this recording. So don’t listen if you’re sensitive to all that.

  • As usual, you can grab the MP3 file here (right click to download).
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  • Or we’re on iTunes, when iTunes feels like updating. You can also leave us a review and subscribe there, if you want to be particularly lovely.

So, that’s nice.

UPDATE: Apologies, the correct podcast has now been included.



  1. Link seems to be to Ep35 for mp3!

  2. That opener was beer fuelled ! :D

  3. Sorry dudes, I messed it up. Kris has now fixed the links :)

    • I told you not to touch TSA whilst drunk! ;)

  4. I shall listen to it tomorrow as i’m going to look at miranda’s arse on Mass eff.. i mean i’m going to play ME2 and cba to listen the podcast atm. :)

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