What We Played #19

What We Played

Is news gathering a vital survival skill in the post-apocalyptic world? Dan may be able to tell us as he’s been slaughtering his way through the two recent three-quels that put you on planets where humanity has already lost the fight and is now struggling just to avoid extinction.

Planet one is the alternate Earth that has fallen before the Chimeran onslaught. Says Dan of Resistance 3, “Man, the first 16 chapters are phenomenal”, before continuing, “I could barely tear myself away from the screen”. It is not all good news though as Dan concludes “unfortunately, for me anyway, chapters 17 and 18 really fell down as Insomniac resorted to just spamming enemies at you”.


Planet two is of course Sera. Rising form the ground, rather than falling from the skies like the Chimera, the Locust Horde aided and abetted by humanity itself and latterly the Lambent have been equally successful at reducing the planet’s population to a few scattered bands. A few hours into the campaign “Gears of War 3 is everything I hoped it would be” according to Dan. I suspect that he wasn’t hoping it would be rather dull and lackluster.

To top off my gaming rush I’ve been blasting through Radiant Silvergun which actually hurt my eyes with the constant stream of bullets all over the screen. Yeah, my week has consisted of killing a lot of things.

[drop2]Kris has been playing Fruit Ninja, “which rocks”. Not the Kinect version though so there was no temptation for him to break into a dance routine (I’ll spare him the obligatory link this time, but remember the search box is your friend). Aside from that he’s been throwing virtual paper-planes around the place in Flight, a Flash game.

This game apparently features buyable upgrades for your planes, probably the classic paperclip on the nose and wingtips folded upwards to form winglets that any school kid knows are essential. Kris also notes, on an unfolded plane, that it has a kind of achievement-like reward scheme; “I actually seem to care about [achievements] in smaller games, perhaps because they are more achievable”.

New kid on the block Aran has been playing through Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the second time. On this augmented adventure he’s going for a pacifist run on the hardest difficulty and has managed to curtail his killing to the boss fights. Those fights have proved contentious but as others have pointed out before me even pacifists like Jedi Adam Jenson are forced to fight in the odd Duel of the Fates Boss Battle from time to time.

He’s also found time for the demo of this year’s FIFA and is liking many of the changes it brings to the established formula. Particular mention goes to the more balanced feel of the games defensive play. “The previous games usually let a defender out muscle the attacker almost every time”, he says, “but now it really feels like that either player has a chance to get the ball.”

Now I don’t know about you but I fancy a cuppa, so I’ll leave you with Alex while I go and put a brew on.

I’ve been playing Gears of War 3. It’s really, er, manly. Big chaps running around with beards and bad hair shouting at aliens and then shooting them in the face. They explode (I don’t think that’s a spoiler) in buckets of gloop. The gloop doesn’t stain the guys’ clothes, though, which is a bit disappointing. It’s quite nicely done gloop otherwise, so props to Cliffy B for his gloop modeling.

There’s also a really pointless ‘previously on Gears…’ thing which lasts about 20 seconds and retcons loads of stuff in. I like the first bit though, it’s all dreamy and fancy, and acts as a nice little wraparound for the first game. I quite like it when games do this – it’s like they’re pretending to have already thought of the stuff in the third game when they were making the first. Which, of course, they didn’t. I don’t think.

I played Doom 2, too, on XBLA. It’s so much better than every other single FPS around just now it’s not even funny. Brilliant level design, genuinely scary moments and ace weapons. I’d take Doom 2 over anything else ever, with the possible exception of Goldeneye but that’s only because Doom 2 didn’t do snow very well. Or Russian soldiers. Or that guy from Lord Of The Rings.

Hopefully you enjoyed that little interlude of writing that was both funny and interesting. Unfortunately for you I’m back now, cup of tea in hand, so I may be prone to typos as I rabidly tap away at the keys with one hand while sipping Earl Grey.

[drop]Having picked up a launch day copy Josh has been beavering away at Resistance 2. No, that one isn’t a typo. He’s struggled to get into the game before, having been “beaten down by the flawed level design and enemy balancing”. He persevered this time and found that he “did actually enjoy it the more I got through it”. He’s also got the improbable task of reviewing The Impossible Game for us. How’s it going? “I got up to my three-hundredth and something attempt before I went to bed and cried.” Read his review ‘soon-ish’ here on TSA once he’s recovered.

Blair has been absent from these posts for the last few weeks as he’s been busy with that most studenty of games drinking moving. While awaiting the arrival of a working Internet connection it’s been all about campaigns and co-op for him.

First up was two runs through Resistance 3’s campaign. “The story is really great”, he reports, “I enjoyed it all the way through and it’s such an improvement on [the first two]”. Then it was some Portal 2 co-op before they got bored of that and played Rock Band 3 instead. That was followed by some “great racing” and a “pointless story” in Motorstorm: Apocalypse and “1/6th” of the Sly Trilogy.

In what’s likely to continue to be a familiar report of my own gaming, see this week’s Sunday Thoughts for details, I’ve played little of anything apart from Gran Turismo 5 again.

That’s enough about us though, what have you been playing?



  1. I’m sill on Gears of War 3 never touched any other games and did not thought of getting F1 2011 but Andy and spoofer has made my mind so will get it this weekend!
    Going to play Gears 3 clan match tonight after work ^^

  2. Got the 2-D pack from Steam, played Company of Heroes and next… I might play Alpha Protocol, all on sale

    …..and listening to the EGX podcast :D

  3. It’s been all about Resistance 3 and Portal 2 for me this week, and likely will be for the next week too. Both brilliant, loving the stories of both, Resistance 3 multiplayer is great fun, but I’ve yet to try Portal 2 co-op…

  4. Ahh my favourite weekly TSA article :)

    Not a lot of variety for me this week really. A mate and I stormed through Resistance 3 on Saturday in one sitting. Awesome FPS and a million times better than R2 (and slightly better than R1). Just sizing myself for a Superhuman/Journal collecting run to snag my next Platinum trophy.

    Otherwise, not a lot else got played this week. I’ve had Gears3 sitting by my TV since Tuesday but its still in its wrapper as I’m waiting until Saturday evening (after eurogamer) so my wife and I can start the co-op.
    I downloaded Resi4 for £6 too so I played the first bit of that last night. Still the best game ever made.

    • In one sitting? That’s quite impressive ;) I’m really not looking forward to Superhuman, that part near-ish the end…..Could be considered a spoiler….. where you have a ravager, a brawler, drones and normal infantry on you all at the same time was really hard on difficult, especially as I was on my own.

      • Lol, it was quite a mission, but my other half was in London that day so we saw our opportunity and took it haha!
        I know which bit you mean, yes its going to be a pain on superhuman no doubt. At least they all come through the same door

  5. I’ve been playing both resistance 3 and gears of war 3 lately. Both very good games. Only waiting for the team ico collection now.

  6. Started the week with lots of Dead Island after jumping up the subs list on the TSA Comp :D Thanks again Adam!

    Since Tues its been all about Gears 3. I’ve played the 1st two but was never a massive fan, but 3 has been great. Not sure if thats purely down to the game, or because I’ve been playing it with a few mates. We’ve been doing one co’op chapter per night then seeing the night off with various multiplayer versus games, its been a blast! I don’t play online much at all but I’m getting pretty hooked on Gears online element :D

    • Online (when it works) is where its at with that game. Gears2 had a poor online component but the original was awesome. I’ve heard 3 is a return to form so I have bought 3 months of XBL to see for myself :)

      • Gears 3 online is the new form and improvement on Gears 1 ;)

  7. Pretty much the same again for me this week, mostly Dead Island interspersed with a few PSN games (Renegade Ops, Arkedo Swap, Burnout Crash, From Dust). That is, of course, on top of my regular TSA meets (MSA, Dirt 3 and SARPBC).

  8. Got my last Limbo trophy (100% now) – played it through in 1 sitting and only died twice! :)

    Completed Resistance 3 on the Difficult setting, only to find out there is absolutely no benefit than if I had completed it on Normal, not even a trophy. Either Normal or Difficult unlocks Superhuman mode apparently. I actually think R3 was overrated, AI was terrible even on Difficult, and the last few levels were boring as hell, average and very linear level design and no real set-pieces.

    Played Might & Magic until 1am online getting my arse seriously thrashed. And had a little burn on Dead Island which I plan to continue at length tomorrow. Oh, and I’ll be trying the new “Moon” Black Ops Zombie map tonight, as well as From Dust demo, and some Resident Evil 4 HD, Dead Nation, and MW2. I love Fridays

    • Whey! Well done, knew you’d get that final trophy eventually :D
      Yeah I kinda of know what you mean with R3. I love the game overall but the AI did stand out as being a bit naff and the ending got a bit samey. Still glad I played it though

      • Thanks, it was a bit tense at times! :)

        I did enjoy R3, particularly the begining sections (reminded me of Half Life 2), it’s just I’m not really a sci-fi fan so I guess the build up to the end, and the location, was a bit of an anti-climax from my personal point of view. Guns were great though! That’s what would make me go back to it, to see what each does when upgraded – I managed to upgrade most of them luckily!

        Nice to see you played RE4 over Gears 3, lol! I’m gonna start RE4 this weekend. I think you can walk and shoot at the same time, no? Seems a silly thing to be pleased about really!

  9. Finished the campaign in Plants vs Zombies (had it for free with Plus), played some Killzone 3 online & finished the campaign. Also finally finished the campaign in Medal of Honor.

    I guess I finished a lot of campaigns.

  10. Just finished Resistance 3 on Difficult, really disappointing ending for me :/ Apart from that I’ve ventured into Dead Island, El Shaddai and F1 2010

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