TSA at EGX Podcast 2 (Featuring Nathan Drake)

You’re probably reading this on Saturday. I’m writing this on Friday after listening to the mob talk far too loudly for far too long. Apparently they call it a podcast – I wouldn’t know, I went to the pub for half of it and then sat out of the second half.

I do remember lots of them talking about games (something about the EG Expo) and then there was a few bits and bats about what Kev was wearing (and still, for the most part, is) – it’s all very sophisticated, mind, with microphones and a mixer and miles of wires.

The links are below. When I peered over Kris’ shoulder it looked like about nearly two hours worth of chat, but he’s currently hidden under headphones trying to remove everything dodgy Lewis uttered. Hopefully that’s exactly what happened. Hopefully.

The links are all below. Click them. Take them. Love them. Make them your bitch.

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  1. Woo Nolan North..

    Listening now

  2. cherry bakewells… yeah man..

  3. The first half was easily the best ;-)

    Loved doing these, makes me want to do a monthly roundtable as an excuse to meet up again!

  4. Oh memories XD

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