TSA at EGX Video Diary: Day 2

So we were going to put this up tomorrow, but we ran out of time. Videos take forever to upload at Temp TSA Towers, and we couldn’t manage it before we dashed out of the door. However, you can now see Blair arriving in all his glory. This was recorded pretty early yesterday morning, and isn’t exactly the most coherent of conversations. In fact you can see me and Peter desperately clinging to Red Bull in an attempt to get through the day.



  1. “I bought Irn Bru” ….Good man !

  2. Irn Bru :D

  3. Trust Blair to bring Irn Bru. Although Irn Bru is pretty good. :) damm, i may actually get a bottle whislt running a few errands on Monday. Also can you stop thrusting your cock into our faces Peter? Tis a horrifying site. >:(

    You need to try coffee or fire to help wake you up! It works for me.( the coffee does) :)

    • Im with steven, Peter don’t approach the camera face on :P

  4. Kris, don’t you mean yesterday instead of tomorrow? :D

    • yes… but we haven’t really slept since… what day is it now?
      I’m not even changing it.

      • Tis October 23rd 2077 sir. :p And you promised me that i could have half of TSA. >:p

      • I actually checked to see if it was october the 23rd… damn.

      • How we’d all be dead? Unless you live in Ireland I guess..(we’re lucky)

    • I would have changed this but uh… steps were taken to get me to relax a bit.

  5. Ah beautiful corona i see on the table there, the bane of my hangovers!

  6. First the beers, then the Red Bull. As sleep deprivation takes hold, next video I’m expecting a Scarface style mountain of coke, with Blair’s face buried in it while Peter snorts a line off his back. Next step, Adrenochrome and bat country.

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