Modern Warfare 3 Achievements Arrive

The Achievement list for Modern Warfare 3 is here.  This list will probably be the same for PS3 Trophies.

Now, before I post the list, I’m going to put a  spoiler alert in place.



You’ve been warned, so this is your final chance to turn back.



Modern Warfare 3 Achievement List:

  • Back in the Fight (5) – Start the Single Player Campaign on any difficulty.
  • Too Big to Fail (10) – Destroy the Jamming Tower. Complete “Black Tuesday” on any difficulty.
  • Wet Work (10) – Take back New York Harbor. Complete “Hunter Killer” on any difficulty.
  • Carpe Diem (10) – Escape the mountain safe house. Complete “Persona Non Grata” on any difficulty.
  • Frequent Flyer (10) – Defend the Russian President. Complete “Turbulence” on any difficulty.
  • Up to No Good (10) – Infiltrate the village. Complete “Back on the Grid” on any difficulty.
  • One Way Ticket (10) – Make it to Westminster. Complete “Mind the Gap” on any difficulty.
  • Welcome to WW3 (10) – Save the US Vice President. Complete “Goalpost” on any difficulty.
  • Sandstorm! (10) – Assault the shipping company. Complete “Return to Sender” on any difficulty.
  • Back Seat Driver (10) – Track down Volk. Complete “Bag and Drag” on any difficulty.
  • We’ll Always Have Paris (10) – Escape Paris with Volk. Complete “Iron Lady” on any difficulty.
  • Vive la Révolution! (10) – Reach the church. Complete “Eye of the Storm” on any difficulty.
  • Requiem (10) – Escape the city. Complete “Blood Brothers” on any difficulty.
  • Storm the Castle (10) – Discover Makarov’s next move. Complete “Stronghold” on any difficulty.
  • Bad First Date (10) – Find the girl. Complete “Scorched Earth” on any difficulty.
  • Diamond in the Rough (10) – Rescue the Russian President. Complete “Down the Rabbit Hole” on any difficulty.
  • The Big Apple (25) – Complete “Black Tuesday” and “Hunter Killer” on Veteran difficulty.
  • Out of the Frying Pan… (25) – Complete “Persona Non Grata”, “Turbulence”, and “Back on the Grid” on Veteran difficulty.
  • Payback (25) – Complete “Mind the Gap”, “Goalpost”, and “Return to Sender” on Veteran difficulty.
  • City of Lights (25) – Complete “Bag and Drag” and “Iron Lady” on Veteran difficulty.
  • The Darkest Hour (25) – Complete “Eye of the Storm”, “Blood Brothers”, and “Stronghold” on Veteran difficulty.
  • This is the End (25) – Complete “Scorched Earth”, “Down the Rabbit Hole”, and “Dust to Dust” on Veteran difficulty.
  • Who Dares Wins (40) – Complete the campaign on any difficulty.
  • The Best of the Best (100) – Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.
  • Strike! (20) – Kill 5 enemies with a single grenade in Single Player or Special Ops.
  • Jack the Ripper (20) – Melee 5 enemies in a row in Single Player or Special Ops.
  • Informant (20) – Collect 22 Intel Items.
  • Scout Leader (35) – Collect 46 Intel Items.
  • This Is My Boomstick (20) – Kill 30 enemies with the XM25 in “Black Tuesday.”
  • What Goes Up… (20) – Destroy all the choppers with only the UGV’s grenade launcher in “Persona Non Grata.”
  • For Whom the Shell Tolls (20) – Destroy all targets during the mortar sequence with only 4 shells in “Back on the Grid.”
  • Kill Box (20) – Kill 20 enemies with the Chopper Gunner in a single run in “Return to Sender.”
  • Danger Close (20) – Take down a chopper with an AC-130 smoke grenade in “Bag and Drag.”
  • Ménage à Trois (20) – Destroy 3 tanks with a single 105mm shot in “Iron Lady.”
  • Nein (20) – Kill 9 enemies with A-10 strafing runs in “Scorched Earth.”
  • 50/50 (20) – Complete a Special Ops Mission Mode game with the same number of kills as your partner.
  • Birdie (20) – Kill 2 enemy helicopters without getting hit in a Special Ops Survival game.
  • Serrated Edge (15) – Finish a Juggernaut with a knife in Special Ops.
  • Arms Dealer (20) – Buy all items from the Survival Weapon Armory.
  • Danger Zone (20) – Buy all items from the Survival Air Support Armory.
  • Defense Spending (20) – Buy all items from the Survival Equipment Armory.
  • Get Rich or Die Trying (25) – Have $50,000 current balance in a Special Ops Survival game.
  • I Live (10) – Survive 1 wave in a Special Ops Survival game.
  • Survivor (20) – Reach Wave 10 in each mission of Special Ops Survival mode.
  • Unstoppable (40) – Reach Wave 15 in each mission of Special Ops Survival mode.
  • No Assistance Required (20) – Complete a Special Ops Mission Mode game on Hardened or Veteran with no player getting downed.
  • Brag Rags (10) – Earn 1 star in Special Ops Mission Mode.
  • Tactician (20) – Earn 1 star in each mission of Special Ops Mission Mode.
  • Overachiever (40) – Earn 48 stars in Special Ops Mission Mode.
  • Secret Achievement (20) – Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

There you go. Every achievement for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 releases on November 8th 2011

Source: Eurogamer/Xbox360Achievements





  1. For Whom The Shell Tolls is a play on Metallica’s song For Whom The Bell Tolls xD

    • :D damn straight!

      • Which is a reference to Ernest Hemingway’s book. So maybe there’s no Metallica reference whatsoever. You Metallica freaks! :p

    • Isn’t it also just a widely used phrase?

  2. Decent list, albeit very similar to previous IW Call of Duty games. No annoying zombie achievements in sight. Yay! :D

    • No, they just have the Spec Ops one instead. If Veteran is still as ridiculous on this one I will not be pleased. The hostages one on the oil rig especially.

      • Glad there is a Spec Ops Mission mode and Survival mode! Should be fun

      • Ugh, those last 3 missions drove me nuts.

  3. pretty normal stuff, nothing new and exciting here. as expected. Now to just wait for the thing to release….

  4. wow! similar to mw2 ie; terrible

  5. “Back in the Fight (5) – Start the Single Player Campaign on any difficulty.”

    Really?? Why not just add one in for pausing the game whilst you are at it!!

    • That sounds tough that one.

      Almost as bad as the Gears 3 medal that’s awarded if you don’t earn a medal…

    • This one will be the stumbling block for all those platinum hunters out there.

    • lol, makes me think of the cheevo from the Simpsons game:
      “Easiest achievement EVER! – Press the start button”
      Loved that Comic Book Guy reference :D

      • There’s a motorbike game (SBKX maybe?) that gives you a trophy for buying the game. Before you’ve even pressed start at the main screen.

      • And Heavy Rain – “Thanks for supporting interactive drama” or something.

    • It’s probably so they can track how many people play the Campaign mode. This is the easiest way to do that as far as I know.

    • hhaha, I don’t think they could think of any more :L

  6. These achievements sure confirm that MW3 will bring nothing new.

  7. No online achievements, woo! :D
    Excited and definitely going for the 1000g :D

  8. Any idea what the Platinum is called? I liked “Is that all you got?”

    Almost as good as “Romero would be Proud” – Dead Nation


    “Man up Sweetheart” – Dead Space Extraction.

    • there is no platinum, only Zuul

      • Consider me confused. Again.

      • I think it’s a Ghostbusters reference (“There is no Dana, only Zuul”), or Mikey’s gone a little mental. Or possibly both.

      • Yes you are correct….about both! :p

      • ;)

  9. Well that’s a game I won’t be platinuming then! Why do devs insist on putting collectibles in fps games? They’re just a boring waste of everyone’s time.

    • Yup, if I wanted to wade through a pool of blood to find a pointless piece of intel, I could play Borderlands.

    • Yeah man, it really isn’t gameplay to wander around looking for pointless crap that will let you press x on it amongst all the other crap that won’t.

      Other genres suffer too, L.A Noire’s film reels and 95 cars can sod right off. Much as I loved Enslaved, having to collect those stupid little orbs to upgrade my weapons instead of concentrating on the beautiful environments and fluid movement damn near killed it for me at times. Mundane, stupid, boring tasks – if I wanted that I’d go to work.

  10. All I want to know is, are extra measures being taken to prevent hacks.
    was on mw2 l.night, selected tdm & it put me in ffa. Was then kicked out, with pres 10, lvl 70 as my stats.
    If mw3 is hacked, what good is elite tracking. 1mth to launch & not a word, don’t they realise this could have an impact on sales &or elite sub. I would want the hardened edition, but now have a dilemma.

    • Apparently there will be similar security to Black Ops. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean hacking won’t exist, but they should be able to combat it with bans etc. That’s all well and good providing you don’t get hacked before hand!

      Infinity Ward say they will no longer rely on the security of the console, and will have their own security measures. I can’t imagine it’ll ever get near to how badly MW2 was hacked!

      • Cheers Youles, put me at ease, if only slightly.

      • I feel your concern! :)

        I’m defo not going to Prestige 10 or playing another 30+ days this time around, incase my stats ever got hacked or reset! I’m less than 500 kills away from 100,000 kills on MW2 now! :)

    • I bet it’ll get hacked within the first month allowing people to hack prestiges gving enough time to get the hack before a patch comes.

      • Maybe, although they should still be able to console ban people like Treyarch did retrospectively – it’ll be obvious who has hacked, especially with all the data and stats behind Elite, and Threate Mode.

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