New Footage From Plastic/Santa Monica Move Game

Earlier this month we reported that Santa Monica and Plastic, Polish developer of quirky 2008 PSN game Linger in Shadows, are collaborating on a new Move-enabled game. Eurogamer has today come forward with more footage from the unnamed project, and yes, it’s looking even more bizarre than the original teaser.

Aside from palming your way through a forest, it appears as if players will be using Sony’s motion tech to interact with other objects including a car. Judging by one particular shot that shows two frames side-by-side, we also assume that the upcoming downloadable title will also support stereoscopic 3D.



  1. When you hit the pig you are further from the door…
    Looks like it will be fantastic mind-intercourse. Maybe you re-live the driving (looks more like drunk driving than stereoscopic 3D to me) segment over and over, correcting mistakes until you’re free from limbo/Deaths door ?

  2. @YOURMUMANDME bang on, I’m sure. Especially going off Lingers.

  3. Interesting analysis here:

    The name Datura also seems to make sense. Hallucinogenic plant. Also looks like the logo.

    • Doh, posted at same time. Ignore my comment below :<

    • Very interesting analysis. Will have to keep my eye on this one.

  4. A link on the Eurogamer comments points to this site:

    They seem to have discovered a potential the name for the game: Datura

  5. hhmmmm… bacon

  6. Move games are few and Sony should look into that seriously.

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