PES 2012 PS3 Patch Adds 3D Support, myPES Beta

PES 2012 was released in North America yesterday, and to celebrate there will be a lovely day one patch to download. It’ll bring support for 3D TVs and a beta version of ‘myPES’, which is an online social network allowing you to exchange data with Facebook.

The full version of myPES will add further functionality, and will “incorporate various statistics, achievements as well as the ability to create private and public game groups.” It will launch in October, alongside an Xbox 360/PC patch.

Source: Shacknews



  1. How come PES2012 is released in the States a fortnight before the EU?

    • Just what I was thinking. Why not release it in Europe now so its out over here before FIFA?

    • That is weird. Both PES and FIFA surfaced yesterday. Still, good news for me. ;)

      • Oh, go play your fancy rounders game, Yank ;) Oh – and playing hockey on ice doesn’t make it any more manly.

  2. Never touched Facebook and never will.

    • Same, and same. It is becoming increasingly tiring with the amount of features games have in them to accommodate social websites like facebook. ‘Facebook integration’. They advertise it as a game changer, and something everyone will use, which is annoying.

  3. A day-one patch? Hmm, that’s rare these days. *yawns* ;)

  4. Sounds interesting.
    Football games always become the most competitive within my circle of friends- it’s the one genre we’re all good at!

  5. Will there be an actual patch as stated or just an addon for 3D and MyPES? Co-Op is so much better on PES

  6. It’s a shame they didn’t make the demo 3D. If it had decent 3D I might have been tempted.

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