Rochard Hits the PSN, Gets Launch Trailer

PSN game ‘Rochard’ is now available in North America, and to celebrate S.O.E has released a new trailer. Rochard tells the tale of John Rochard, voiced by Jon St. John (Duke Nukem)John is an average, everyday astro-miner who becomes a hero when his team of universal prospectors accidentally discovers an ancient alien artefact hidden deep in an asteroid.

To protect humanity as he knows it, John must defeat evil space pirates and rescue his missing team members using only his wits and gravity defying ‘G-Lifter’. With this power tool Rochard can literally bend the laws of physics to manipulate gravity to solve complex puzzles.

Source: YouTube



  1. This looks quite good fun, might pick it up depending on reviews.

  2. Looks like Team fortress 2 got jiggy with Crash Commando.

  3. Dan, I’m guessing you have no idea when UK/EU are getting this?

    I’m hoping the game is a lot better than the trailer makes it look.

    I’ll need to try out the demo, but from what I’ve read about Rochard, it sounds like a puzzle game I could really enjoy.

    • Back in June the EU blog said “coming this summer.” So, I would expect it very, very soon.

      • Cheers, I think I read that article, thought I’d maybe missed some info since.

  4. Hm.
    I’m split down the middle on this one… It looks horribly generic, yet it’s both smooth and pretty.
    Will defo get the demo off my US account if it’s not on in EU this week.

  5. reminds me of this, without the gravity gun –

    • Hahahah!! That looks awesome, I love that bouncing strut of his! :D

  6. I have to say, I really like the look of that. Especially the more open levels/environments. Hadn’t registered this on my radar until now but consider me very interested. Cheers, Dan.

  7. that looks damn cool!

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