Syndicate Release Date Revealed

At a showcase event in Las Vegas, EA announced the Syndicate reboot release date.

The US will receive Syndicate on February 21st 2012, while Europe must wait until February 24th 2012.


Syndicate was officially announced earlier this month and has been revealed to be an FPS with Starbreeze, makers of The Darkness and The Chronicles of Riddick games, taking on development duties.

Source: PlaystationLifestyle




  1. I still believe that it doesn’t need to be a FPS. Hmm, i wonder if they have finished coding the game and will spend the time to check for any bugs untill it is released or if it has been rushed? So we should be seeing more screenshots,trailers and gameplay footage. :)

    • Rushed, what sources are you reading !

      • I’m concerned that it is a rushjob due to it only being annouced a month or two ago and the release date being annouced today. That’s not even enough time to bang out a game that isn’t half completed. I could wrong and it could turn out that they had been working on it for the past few years. I hope i’m wrong about it being a rushed game. :)

      • most games are worked on for a long time before we no anything.

  2. Is that not around the same date of Starhawk?

  3. I preferred the original concept of Syndicate. Does the market have room for yet another FPS, or is it sufficiently different enough to make an impact?

    • To be fair, neither The Darkness or Riddick are “normal” FPS/TPS’s though.

  4. FPS? WTF?

  5. I’m sceptical of this but will keep my eye on it.

  6. Think I’m going to hang on awhile for Paradox’s Cartel, which seems to be a much more faithful “remake” than this..

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