Double XP For Modern Warfare 3 Preorders From GAME or Gamestation

GAME & Gamestation customers are to get Double XP if they preorder the exclusive Classified Intel Pack.

Neil Ashurst, GAME PR manager, has said:


“The build up to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is huge… We know how important multiplayer is to our customers so it’s great to be able to give them double XP reward in what is set to be the biggest multiplayer gaming experience of the year.”

The Double XP bonus will last for the first 4 hours of multiplayer used by a player, after which the bonus will end. Other things included in the Classified Intel Pack include a Mini Strategy Guide, an exclusive Avatar on Xbox 360 or an exclusive theme on PS3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 releases November 8th 2011.

Source: Press Release



  1. Double XP in the first 4 hours could be very handy, especially as the stupid currency system for getting guns and unlocks has been ditched, so it will be all about ranking up to unlock guns etc. Think I’ll stick with my Hardened Edition Pre-order though, better value for money.

  2. So that was all the Classified thing was? I’ll stick to my Hardened Edition. Much better value and it’s likely I’ll be earning double XP through Elite anyway. :D

  3. I did order hardened from gamestation but they decided to ‘Reserve’ the money. There was no way I was letting them keep me from accessing my money 2-3 months before the thing was released, so I cancelled. When I cancelled, they took the money from my back. Bastards. Took 6 days for them to put it back in. I promptly switched to shopto, who I trust greatly.

  4. Cool – this will be handy! Hope it’s for your first 4 full hours or play opposed to 4 hours from when you first start multiplayer.

    • Pretty sure it will apply to your first 4 hours of gametime on MP, I can’t see it just expiring 4 hours after you go online for the first time.

      • I hope so. I had a similar thing with Killzone 3 and it appeard to do nothing :(

    • It’s 4 hours total, so you can play half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night, it’ll only take 1 hour of your 4 hours available Double XP time.

  5. Seems a bit unfair as it could result in some players having the best gear within 4 hours which could dominate over new players. ;)

    • I’ll go easy on you :p

      • HA! you won’t as i don’t plan on getting the game so HA! :op

      • Yes, that would prove difficult. :(

  6. Hmm, I’ll stick with my hardened edition. Still, a nice bonus for people who get it from Game/Gamestation. It gives them an even stronger chance of leaving me in the dust lol ;)

  7. This affects online gameplay,and should not be in the game! Not like it’s a special avatar on the PS3, or clothes for your avatar on XBOX.

    This affects the balance of players online, and it’s a fact that the higher you’re ranked up, the better the weapons, perks, and general load outs of your weapon slots.

    • Not going by MW2 – the UMP was unlocked from the start and was the only weapon in the game that had a 2-hit-kill with Stopping Power. The AK-47 was only as powerful as the SCAR-H was was also unlocked at the start. And although it has a larger clip, the SCAR is far more steady. It’s swings and roundabouts.

      I think this is better than “limited edition” weapons that some games offer with selected retailers at launch as they might have better stats that “stock” weapons. Also, chances are there is always going to be someone who has played more than you, and is a higher level, with more equipment unlocked.

      • * was = which.
        * that = than.

        I fail at typing.

    • I’ll still kick their ass with my silenced USP ;)

      • I wonder if the M9 silencer will work this time…they never patched it so even now (along with the MG4 and the M240) in MW2 you still show up on the map when firing with a silencer attached!

    • Effectively, they would have played for only 4 hours, but have the unlocks of someone who has played for 8 hours. That isn’t a lot of time when you consider how long it takes to get to max rank in COD games.

      • Still makes the game unbalanced against people who will play the same amount of hours. It’s BS.

      • Don’t quite get your logic behind it being “BS”, but it’s your view on it so I won’t argue. There’s always going to be people that are a higher rank than you when you play, so why is this so bad?

      • What about us who got MW2 in 2009 2-3 days before rest of the UK?
        There were like 50,000 of us because GAME shipped out early due to postal strikes.
        Me any my friends only got like 10 hours each of MW2 online gameplay before something went wrong with the servers or they shut them off lol.

      • Your argument about “there’s always going to be someone who’s played more than you” makes no sense. It’s about people getting in game advantage on someone who’s playing the same game just for pre ordering.

        What’s next? Extra bullet damage for the first hour of gameplay for whoever pre orders at Best Buy?

      • Taking your example, someone with extra bullet damage directly impacts on the balance of the game, where as just getting twice as much XP for what you earn in the first 4 hours doesn’t upset the balance.
        Double XP is not “a massive advantage” its not going to directly impact when you are playing against others. The only different thing is that you will have access to more weapons and other bits.

  8. You are overreacting. If someone gets the game a littler earlier than you is that unfair too?

    • Not about if’s. It’s about me picking up the game the same time as someone, but because he pre orders, he gets an IN GAME advantage over me.

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