First Syndicate Trailer Released

Anyone thinking that the recent FPS reboot of Syndicate might look a little bit like Deus Ex will feel especially vindicated by the first trailer: it does.

There’s lots of bloom lighting, men in long coats, neon lighting and – well, shooting.  Sometimes with bendy bullets – which is lovely but, you know, I quite liked the old Syndicate.


Still, bang bang sells, right?



  1. I’ve got a feeling this is going be an epic fail, even if its a great game it’s just not Syndicate.

  2. Persuadatron – Check
    Tranchcoats – Check
    Pumped up remix of old music – Check
    Minigun – Check

    FPS – Sadly, Check.

    I’m still very sceptical about this release. I have bad memories of what Microsoft did with Shadowrun.

  3. Looks interesting but as said in the article, pretty similar to Deus Ex Human Revolution but without the story.

    • And with blue instead of gold.

  4. FPS… More like FFS… AMIRITE?

    Looks pretty cool though. Still, not really Syndicate.

    • I’m not really familiar with the ‘old’ Syndicate so I don’t really feel hard done by.

      This Syndicate does look a lot like Deus Ex but it does look pretty damn good. I’m interested.

  5. If they actually risked combing both genres of Syndicate and Syndicate: Imposter then maybe it’ll be cool….

  6. Well I am interested.

  7. Not the Syndicate I have found memories of from my Amiga days, and there seems to be a constant onslaught of FPS at the moment so there is every chance this one will take a dive.

  8. looking good to me like the track as well.

    • Yeah I am liking the music too :)
      I liked the FB page like it said on the trailer and can’t find where I can download the track…

      • Go to and then on the left menu click Syndicate DJ Download

      • NVM found it lol

      • Cheers DaveyJam, I found it, posted the “NVM” comment and then the page refreshed and I saw ur comment…

        Didn’t mean to sound like an ass :P

  9. It looks like it could be a cool game but it risks getting buried in the flood of FPSes that are out there atm.

    It’s not sydincate and i can understand why a lot of fans would be annoyed by the change of genre. If there is more focus on the stragey side then it may just win those fans back. However if it focuses more on shooting everything in sight then it will fail to do so. Graphically, it looks good but the gameplay look a bit cool.

  10. Aren’t all games syndicated now ;) … except for the platform exclusives that is… anyway this looks good to me.

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