The Cursed Crusade Won’t Be Delayed In The UK

It was recently announced that The Cursed Crusade would miss its October 11th US launch date, Atlus planning to release to the game three weeks later on the 25th. Luckily, this hasn’t affected us the UK, the visceral action adventure title still billed for next Friday, October 7th with dtp Entertainment on publishing duty.


Keep an eye out for our written review in the coming weeks.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. First I’ve heard of it. Looks like it could be good.

  2. Is this the thing that looked a little bit like Assassins Creed earlier this year? I had forgotten what it was called!

  3. Looks interesting but I can see it also being a bit repetitive and generic. Fingers crossed it turns out splendidly come launch-time.

    • I have high hopes for this being one of Q4 2011’s hidden gems. With that said, no matter how good the game turns out to be (should have a copy at the beginning of next week) it’s always going to suffer during this period where sales are concerned.

  4. It looks interesting. I hope there will be a demo released as it looks like it may be very repitive. Also we are getting a game before those in the US? :O I think just saw a cat and a dog getting along.

  5. Noticed this a few days back on Amazon. It actually looks quite good and I agree with Teabags that it could be this falls hidden gem. But with all the other bigger games coming out it’s not going to do well at all.

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