PS2 Titles Also Coming To European PS3s

We’ve just spoken to Sony and can confirm that European PS3 owners can also look forward to PS2 games coming to their console – exciting news for anyone doubting the validity of our earlier post this morning.

“The Only On PlayStation Network programme is for the SCEA region only,” said a SCEE spokesperson to TheSixthAxis.

“However, we will be bringing the majority of the content to the SCEE audience, including Classic PS2 titles.”   Note the capital letter, which might suggest that’s the official line.

It sounds like it doesn’t end there, either.

“We have numerous exciting offers that we will be introducing to PSN users throughout our region in the lead up to Christmas and look forward to sharing these with you.”

Exciting stuff, if Sony can get the right PS2 titles out there for us…


  1. Lovely that they’re doing this but can’t help feel they’ve missed the boat a little and this should’ve been well under way over two years ago. Oh well. It’s still good news.

    • Agreed.

    • True, but I’m gonna label this one as ‘better late than never’ :)

    • It was probably deliberate… or maybe just a result of manager slapping beurocracy. Either way, it smells like they’re going to try to make the black beast last as many years as possible!

      • Odd really…to be honest though, if I cant physically buy an upgraded ps2 game and shelf it ill keep my original ps2 titles. Great move for those who missed out on the games first time round….

  2. Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2!

    • YES!

    • Wanted this since I got my ps3. I played the arse out of those games.

    • No! I want them to get the full HD re-release treatment, dammit I want to see a Kingdom Hearts platinum in my trophy list.

      I don’t like this move, surely this will decrease the number of HD re-releases we get, and I like having the much improved frame rate, anti-aliasing and trophies that come with them.

      • Well now we will be able to play them on PSV :D

  3. Squeeeeeeee!

    *crosses fingers for Okami*

  4. Would love Primal from Sony Cambridge, but I also have undying love for NHL2002 (the sweet-spot in fun Vs over complicated realism) & SSX3 although I’d be doubtful EA would get in on the act.

  5. Yes! Even if they don’t get the HD treatment, I’d love to be able to play some of my favourite PS2 games! Just hope they bring Mark of Kri, that was my favourite!

    • Ooh, and Star Wars Battlefront 2, that would be brilliant, especially with online play!

    • I don’t know I’ve played BF2 on the pc this year and well its a bit aged… ai would be better and better choice, deserves a sequel with better animation and physics, where as it been? why leave it dead on the PSP?

      Ridiculous it would sell much like the demand of Monster Hunter on PS3 or Xbox (but that isn’t healthy in Japan).. it will sell millions, stupid business people fans want a new Battlefront… :p simples

      • Battlefront 3 would be brilliant, but I doubt we’ll see it for a while.

  6. God Hand & Maximo, two games I always wanted when younger but could never find!

    • I have Maximo on PS2. Was disappointed. Hoped for a 3D Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts but it was nowhere near as good.

  7. I would love tony hawks 3 to appear on the store. Loved that game!!

    • Hell yeah, only game I had for 6 months nd loved every minute!

  8. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the “Classics HD” line released in a digital format – I’m hoping for Ico/SotC and Sly Cooper. At reasonable prices.

  9. I would be more excited about this but looking at how only about 100 PS1 games have been released over a 5 year period on European PSN I’m not expecting there to be a great selection for a very long time, especially if many of the best PS2 games are getting HD makeovers.

    • And 50 of those are Disney games. I’m not holding out much hope for the GTA Trilogy.

      • don’t forget all the playon budget label shovelware titles from the last days of the ps1.
        titles that went for like £1.99 new.

  10. 24 the game absolutely!

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