PC Owners Complain Of RAGE Texture Problems

It looks like it’s not only the PS3 and Xbox versions of RAGE that have texture problems.

Posts from irate gamers have appeared on the Bethesda forums and the Steam forums along with a number of posts in the Bethesda support forums reporting crashes, errors and bugs.


Bethesda are recommending you update your graphic drivers (link) although many players say this does not help with screen tearing and pop up.

A forum user has posted four screenshots, the first screen shows a scene without the player moving, the second image showing the same view but the player has spun 90 degrees to look at the same area.

You can read our review of the game here.



  1. Some of the images look a bit PSonish, there’s a patch for that.. (soon)

  2. Emr, gallery uploaded wrong way round – “Afetr spin” picture is first!

  3. This looks poor, remember seeing it in a video a while ago, thought they might have sorted it out. Obviously not..

  4. Hopefully easy to sort out. God knows that’d piss me off with a decent gaming PC. Still, the game’s garnering decent reviews.

  5. A bad ATI driver was released which causes texture corruption, a new one will be released later today.

  6. Not a very good start for Rage, coupled with an 8-15hr campaign, and pointless monotony in the quest area…not sure I find this all that appealing anymore.

  7. 15 hrs for a FPS campaign isn’ half bad, especially if you add in the side missions & exploring as well.
    Fallout 3 & NV could both be completed in around 5 hrs if all you did were the story missions back to back.
    Personally, i think it’ll last much longer than 15 hrs, but i have been wrong in the past (so don’t quote me on it :p)

  8. I hope these problems are sorted by the time I pick it up (bargain bin).

  9. Yeah… There is reason to complain when a game is being released in that condition…

    • They tell you to update your drivers? Whats the excuse for the article under this one mentioning texture problems on consoles as well?

      • I’m still going to get this game… I’m just not going to pay for it now…

  10. I’m running a low-end rig but have solved this problem. The guide, although based on an Nvidia article, can be applied to AMD cards. Here’s my “How to Solve the RAGE Texture Streaming Pop-in Bug”:


    I hope this can help people.

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