Pre-order The Darkness II, Get Free Limited Edition Upgrade

2K Games has announced that anyone who pre-orders its upcoming comic-inspired shooter sequel will be upgraded to the limited edition at no extra cost.

In-game content including an alternate darkling skin and two ability upgrades (one of which aids players in finding collectibles) will come with the limited edition as well as digital copies of The Darkness Origins volumes one and two.

Source: Gematsu


  1. More of this please. Create great incentives for buying new and people will flock. I appreciate some of this might still be there if it’s sold on but the theory works. :P

    • “No no. Much better to use the stick than the carrot. We’ll continue to punish the used buyers with online passes” – Game Publishers

  2. I might go for this. The first Darkness game was underrated I think. Had some great visuals and an engaging story let down a little by the lack of inventiveness with the powers which should have promoted the very opposite

  3. Nice touch, will get this :-)

  4. Cunning disguise for pre-order DLC is cunning.

  5. Is this from any particular retailer?

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