Resident Evil: Revelations US Release Date Announced

Capcom has announced the release date for Resident Evil: Revelations. The game is set to launch in North America for the Nintendo 3DS on February 7th, 2012. Although a European release date has not been announced yet, it wouldn’t be surprising if it hit store shelves within the same week.

Update: Resident Evil Revelations releases on January 27th in Europe.

Resident Evil: Revelations serves as the missing link between the events of RE4 and RE5 and stars Chris Redfield and Jill Sandwich. I had a very brief chance to play the game at E3 and I was quite impressed. It’s much better than the demo included in The Mercenaries 3D and feels more like a traditional Resident Evil title.

If you pre-order Resident Evil: Revelations from GameStop you will receive an exclusive protective case for the 3DS. Apparently, the image changes when you’re in sunlight. Check out the screenshots below to see what it looks like.

Source: Press Release, CVG


  1. EU release date’s been announced too, Jan 27th:

  2. When you say traditional Resident Evil, you mean pre RE4?

    • Ever play the Lost in Nightmares DLC for RE5? It has an atmosphere like that.

  3. makes me wanna a 3DS!

    like that case aswell.

  4. There is only one upcoming title that makes me wish I stillhad my 3ds and its this beast. Demo I played at Eurogamer was excellent and I’m really gutted its not coming to consoles

  5. I really want this game! I only own three 3DS games and I’ve had my handheld since launch day… and to top it off, the only two games I ever play on it are Pokemon White and Bleach the 3rd Phantom – both of which are DS games :O

    At least there are more games on the way now :D

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