Treyarch Recruiting for “New Console”

Before we go getting all excited, let’s remember that there are two new consoles that have already been announced and are yet to feature a Treyarch-made game. This little job advert could, theoretically, be to get their next game onto the PlayStation Vita or Nintendo Wii U.

Okay, that’s the sensible bit over, now for the Oh Em Gee…

Treyarch have put a call out for a Senior Software Engineer to work on “bringing [their] hugely successful game to a new console”. The job advert, which can be found through the source link below, asks for at least two years working on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms, lending credence to the notion that this could be for the next generation of home consoles.

However, as shown above, it also makes mention of “bringing [their] hugely successful game” to the platform. That would imply that the game they’re porting is already in existence, wouldn’t it?

So, Black Ops for Vita?

Source: Treyarch



  1. consoles? None of these are consoles as they don’t not connect to a tv and do as much as the full console systems do. also you hold it in your hand. its a “handheld gaming platform”. You make it sound like its the next gen Xbox and Playstation 4.

  2. Please stick with the wi & leave console gaming alone. Sympathies to wi owners.

    • Yes! To me the Wii just took Duck Hunt and started making random spin-offs like some overrated TV show!

    • In fairness, that’s just my personal opinion of what they’ve offered consoles & they may bring a wider scope & some great games to wi, vita etc.

  3. It is most likely a COD game for the Vita and Wii U. But i will be surprised if it is a new IP.

  4. Please be Spiderman 2 HD classic. I know it probably isn’t, but I can dream.

  5. Please don’t let Treyarch near the Vita.

  6. Can’t wait for the Xstation and the Playbox to come out! Not to mention the Nintstationbox 1000! Being serious now, the more competition there is for our money will most likely lead to higher quality games and hopefully some better commercials! I have to watch them and instead of making me want to buy the product I want to kick my TV screen!

  7. Probably both consoles. As well as a focus on the upcoming Xbox and PS.

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