3DS Getting Monster Hunter Bundle in Japan

It’s not secret that the Nintendo 3DS hasn’t met sales expectations yet. It’s also something of an industry cliché that you should never bet against Nintendo. Despite a fairly lengthy list of peculiar peripherals, they seem to have a knack for recovery.

Cue the announcement of their weird second circle pad cradle that has met with so much derision across the internet. But that second analogue input is primarily there to accomodate Capcom’s massively popular Monster Hunter when it makes its 3DS debut in Japan this December. It’s logical, then, that there should be some sort of bundle to promote the game.

Nintendo and Capcom have teamed up to put together a bundle which contains the game, augmented reality card, 2GB SD card and a special themed 3DS console. They will also be selling a bundle which includes the game and the add-on circle pad attachment.

It’s only really after a holiday season that we’ll truly know whether the internet doom-mongers are right to be worried about the 3DS’ future but with two Mario games on the way and this bundle with one of the best selling third party franchises, we’re certainly not going to be betting against Nintendo.

Source: Siliconera


  1. I’m just waiting until they release a new 3DS with a built-in second analog stick.

  2. Bit of a blow to Vita, IMO.

    • Certainly in the Japanese market. I think Vita might just have enough to cope with the absence of this Monster Hunter though, the announced software for that is a huge list now.

  3. Why would they even release a bundle without the second stick add-on? Wait for angry moms complaining to stores because they got their kid a 3DS and thought it would work just to find out that they need additional hardware that wasn’t included in the bundle to play the game that was included in the bundle.

    • Read elsewhere that the Slide Pad isn’t necessary to play the game.
      Doesn’t explain the weird bundling though.

    • It’ll be like the PSP games… L to center camera, D-pad to painly move because the circle pad is on the top.. could be a bit tougher than the PSP..

  4. I won’t bother keeping a eye on this, I know that a Eu release would be unlikely….

    Where is Monster Hunter Freedom 3? and with no region free… its impossible

  5. I wouldn’t bother, console redesign will arrive soon. Don’t see why they wasted their time on the attachment..

    • Not piss off the early adopters they want to. *yodavoice*

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