Tanooki Luigi Spotted In Super Mario Land 3D Artwork

An eagle-eyed individual has found a Tanooki Luigi statue hidden in a Super Mario 3D Land promo image on the game’s Japanese site.

If your years of ‘Where’s Wally?’ experience have failed you in your attempts to locate him on the site then hit the gallery for a picture of the statue in all its aforementioned glory.

Could Luigi be playable in Mario Land 3DS? Wouldn’t be too shocking considering his recent appearances in Mario Galaxy 1&2.

Source: ONM


  1. Would also be pretty nice if you could play as him with that little L+R+A trick you can do in New Super Mario Bros on the DS.
    And I’m really by the look of this game. Not saying much though as nearly every Mario game ever is a masterpiece. :)

  2. Poor Luigi. Even an article about him raises so little interest it gets just one (now two) comments

    • Even the Boos don’t look at him these days.

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