Modern Warfare 3 ‘Redemption’ Trailer

There is one month to go until Modern Warfare 3 hits stores, and Activision has released a new trailer titled ‘Redemption’. I must say, it does look good.

Source: One of Swords



  1. Looks brilliant! Whoever makes these trailers needs a raise.

  2. Not buying it anyway.

    • but you still read and watch the videos :0)

      • Why not, me too, like to know what’s going on.. Plus I’m bored and have no friends. meh :)

  3. Christmas for me.

  4. Wow!

  5. can’t wait! love cod hardened edition day one for me, gonna have many a hours enjoyment from this game and looking forward to there new game modes aswell :0)

    • Same here. have no doubt that ill still be playing it this time 2013. Sure ill buy treyarchs next effort and then revert back. the same thing has happened since Cod4.

  6. I enjoyed the use of Resistance-type VTOLs. Are they a real thing in use by modern military forces?

    • I believe the Osprey, a vtol, is in trials by US forces. That’s a vtol that looks similar to those in this trailer

  7. I thought it looks awesome, but at the same time I really noticed how dated the graphics look – they should’ve made a whole new engine for MW3, especially since Battlefield has Frostbite 3.

    • BF3 on consoles sucks though, the PS3 and 360 versions are supposed to be at 720p 30hz and its ugly, the anti aliasing sucks and the graphics suck as well say compared to Uncharted 3 MP Beta which also runs at 720p 30hz but has better graphics by a 100 times.

      MW2 by far looks the best FPS game on the console and has the best soundtrack to it.

      • Far from sucks. I really enjoyed the beta, buggy it may be…

      • Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of COD, never bought a Battlefield game before, but MW3’s graphics look exactly like MW2’s, and I think that’s a mistake these days. Most gamers expect the graphics to improve for every release, or every other release in COD’s case. I’ll still be buying MW3 (despite Blops, which MP is way too laggy compared to MW2s) but I’d have preferred better graphics. But I’m still mainly buying it for gameplay, which in my opinion Battlefield can’t beat (and I’ve played MoH which uses Frostbite 2).

      • @Alwayze: Not sure what BF beta you’ve been playing, but mine looks awesome. The PS3 uses MLAA and looks better than an BF game ever has, and that’s before we even get to the textures, lighting (oh the lighting!), character models and animation which are all quality.

        @coruscant: Yeah the trailer looked awesome, mostly because it had almost no game play in it. COD single player started to lose me with MW2 as the story spiraled from one ridiculous plot to the next. BLOPS was just taking the piss, and yet here is MW3 raising the bar yet again for ludicrous story telling. I’ve bought them all so far, but with BF3 out this will be an easy pass.

        You’re right though, the engine is definitely showing it’s age – although to be fair I think they have pushed it about as far as anyone could.

        Interesting you mention MoH, firstly the multiplayer uses Frostbite 1.5, not 2.0 (single player uses Unreal 3), and secondly the gameplay of MoH is nothing like BF games (despite being made by DICE) as it was pretty much trying to clone COD. BF gameplay is completely different and imho far more complex and rewarding than the twitch-shoot-kill-perk-rinse-repeat of every COD game. If you’ve never bought a BF game, you can hardly comment on the gameplay now can you?

        What exactly is MW3 bringing to the table anyway? New perks? Yawn.

      • @ coruscant…
        you must of had a different mw2 edition than I. mw2 looked great, but this (+xp trailers) looks so much better. Not only do the graphics look refined & upgraded, but gameplay appears to be too.

      • Im with 8ball. MW2 Still looks fantastic today

      • bf3 mp mp may be different, but sp is shaping up to be the same as cod… “The new single-player campaign aims to be an awe-inspiring cinematic experience that takes many of its cues from blockbuster war films.” From a Dice rep.
        That only leaves mp for the debate:)

  8. Yeah that was cool:P I did like MW1 + MW2 story mode + i didn’t feel the need to buy the other COD games tho. Might get it when it gets cheap :D

  9. MoH only used Frostbite 1.5 in the MP part. BF3 is the first game to use FB2 engine.

    BF3 for me on the PC which is gorgeous esp compared to PS3, mainly as I’ve played BF2 to death and will be interesting to see old maps redone. Had enough of COD for the time being and played all of them since MW1.

  10. BOOM! Everything explodes. Getting excited.

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