Resistance 3 Competition Entrants

Last week we announced our first proper competition of the season, with Resistance 3.

Tomorrow night everyone that entered will face off in a battle across three rounds to make themselves known as the best resistance fighter on TSA. Our Resistance Cell Leader, if you will.

The top dog will take home a copy of Resistance: A Hole in the Sky along with a supremely snazzy Resistance 3 T-shirt. We have 5 of those T-shirts in total, so they also go to the 2nd and 3rd placed combatants, and the final two are handed out at random.

So who’s lined up, and ready for battle?

  • AG2297
  • DanielCake (Kinggizmo)
  • Foxhound_Solid
  • gtaman7
  • JamboGT – Host & Moderator
  • Kivi95
  • mundham
  • Origami Killer (Storm48)
  • Person678
  • Roynaldo
  • Teabags
  • Tom_Lord (THLNetwork)
  • topgearsam

Unfortunately, I unwittingly (or dimwittedly, if you prefer) double booked myself for the night of the competition, so won’t be there to teach you all a thing or two about armed combat. So it’s lucky that JamboGT is on hand to take over the hosting duties for the competition. He’ll be sending out friend requests to those not already on his list shortly.

I’d also like to say a hello to DanielCake and gtaman7 who both signed up specially for this competition. Hello!

Good luck to all those taking part, and if you could make Jambo’s life a little easier and be online a little early? You wouldn’t want to be left behind now, would you?

While I have everyone’s attention, just a quick reminder that we also launched a great big F1 2011 competition on Monday. Entries are open until the middle of next week, but don’t forget to get your name in to Adam in time!


  1. Im looking forward to some Battlefield comps when its out……(hint hint)

    • Hmmm, is there some interest in a battlefield comp? I enjoyed doing the BC2 tournaments.

      • yeah, and definately try and get some weekly/biweekly meets on the go

      • I’m certainly gonna be hosting meets, I don’t know whether I’ll be allowed to do a tournament yet though.

  2. Great stuff, looking forward to this, even though I am terrible at the game!

    • ditto. God awful and il moan like hell but underneath all that I really do enjoy playing it.

  3. Really looking forward to this. Good luck to everyone else who entered!

  4. I hope Adam (AG2297) brings the same vibrant happiness to the competition that he shared with me when playing the single player part of Resistance 3.

    You guys are in for a real treat.

    • *Mmmff*

      • Well unfortunately I wont be able to make the competition as I wont be home in time :(

      • :O Was looking forward to gaming with you man! Never been done before.

  5. I have a feeling that AG will take everyone’s points away if he loses. I’ve heard he is a very sore loser. ;P

    Good luck to the entrants and Spike can’t win this. :D (I’ll stop with this now).

  6. Good luck all :-)

  7. sorry i couldn’t join in for this. love the online. good luck everyone and in advance i’m jealous of those shirts

  8. Awesome, death to the ISA….I mean Chimera….I’ll get my coat…..

  9. Looking forward to this, luckily as Tef isnt there we wont’ have to put up with his bloody marksman and the turrets which are annoying.

  10. Invites have been sent out!

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