What We Played #21

Peter has a new favourite word; frustrating. So enamoured of it is he that he used it four times in three sentences when I asked what he’d been playing this week. You see he’s been discovering a thousand and one ways to die courtesy of the “Hellishly frustrating” Dark Souls. He’s uncovering hints of a solid RPG at the game’s core but is finding it “a chore to get at it through all the cheap deaths and frustrating repetition”.

How do most gamers work off a bit of gaming frustration? Break out an FPS and shoot stuff. Rage rescued Peter from Dark Souls’ darkest depths. “It’s a joy for old FPS fans that grew up with Doom and Quake”, he says, before concluding that “in terms of gunplay, this is my favourite of this generation of consoles”.


In his third genre of the week he has been kicking balls and making two-footed tackles in both FIFA 12 and PES 12. Finding that both games have their Kakas (highs) and Dias (lows) and like the aforementioned footballers “one is very definitely better than the other”. Review will be forthcoming once he has “played them both a lot more”. The games that is, not the footballers.

Making his WWP début this week is Joseph. I’m feeling lazy generous so I’ll let him tell you directly what he’s been playing.

I’ve been polishing off Metroid: Other M. I started it months and months ago but I finally pushed myself to get back to it. It was generally a fun game to play, as long as you ignore the story entirely. It’s amazing how the 25 years of built up respect for Samus crumbles entirely over the course of one game.

The other thing I have mainly been playing has been Dead Space 2. Didn’t play the first one and decided to jump in with DS2 straight off the bat as I heard it was better than the first game, don’t judge me. A handy video on the disc helped me get up to speed with the plot. Really enjoyed playing it actually, more than I thought I would. The one thing it has convinced me of is that more games need curb-stomping. At one point I *might* have pretended that Isaac was having a tantrum by continually stomping…

[drop2]Aside from more Renegade Ops, Tuffcub has been playing some Mortal Kombat, of which he notes “it has the most enormous bouncy breasticles of any game to date”. Whether or not that is a downside is open to personal opinion, he has however found his own personal downside to the game which is threatening to see it sent Boomeranging back to the rental company; “it’s also the one and only game hubby can beat me at”.

FPS’ have not been forsaken in his gaming lest you think he has carelessly tossed them to one side. The “shouty” Battlefield 3 beta has seen some exercise as has his regular haunt Killzone 3. Though arriving late to the PSP bandwagon he’s been playing a lot of A Space Shooter For Two Bucks, G-Police and Flying Hamster. Sadly there is no kitteh update again this week. Maybe next week?

You might have read that Alex is really rather enamoured of Forza 4. “I’m bloody loving it”, he tells me bluntly. What’s so good about it? “It’s hard to explain exactly”, he says admitting that while it isn’t the most attractive, complete or sim-like “it’s good enough at all three to take pole position”. Roll on next Friday.

While not playing through Atelier Totori for our review Jim has been playing some Crysis 2 and Resistance 3. Despite Crysis being “easily the best looking game of the year so far”, he hasn’t enjoyed it as much as he expected due to the “slow pacing and sub-par multiplayer”. Resistance continues to impress him overcoming the “secret loathing” that he felt for R2.

This week both Aran and Toby have been playing with balls in FIFA 12. Aran has mainly been playing the online Head-to-Head Season mode which he recommends as “a great way to be able to play players to a similar skill level to yourself”. He has also been trying the mini-management sim mode Ultimate Team though that only gets a rating of “quite fun”.

Toby has been finding that FIFA can be a little bit Maddening:

I was playing an online match against Barcelona with Manchester United, and was 2 – 1 down with a few minutes left of extra time to play. By sending all of my team forward, I find Rooney who is through on goal. He turns, runs, prepares to shoot, and… he suddenly stops and pulls up, holding the back of his leg. I lose 2 – 1, before shouting at FIFA for being too realistic.

I wonder if the players ever refuse to get up from the subs bench? My own gaming has been all about Gears of War 3 this week. It’s f’ing awesome. I’ve mostly been playing through the campaign multiple times and loving Horde mode. Unusually for me I’m even enjoying the online competitive games. I’ve just bought the Micky Mouse Microsoft Points for the Gears 3 Season Pass. This is one game that’s going to be played lots.

Last but definitely not least, Dan has been playing that most ancient of co-op reality-based gaming ‘experiences’ that fortunately for all of us has proved somewhat popular over the years:

I’ve been playing ‘Parenthood 2’. I played the original back in 2008 and it was extremely difficult, however I thought my experience would stand me in good stead for the sequel. It turns out I was wrong, and even with the day one ‘Parents Come To Visit and Help’ patch installed, things haven’t gone smoothly. Need sleep.

If Dan starts posting news stories at odd times of the morning as Alex has been known to do, now you’ll have an idea as to why. Congrats and best wishes to Dan and his family.

What games have been keeping you awake this week?



  1. I’m waiting to start Renegade Ops, told myself I have to complete me other PSN games first…which I’ve done one this week – got my Dead Nation Platinum, and got to 100% Trophies after getting all the DLC Trophies. The last part of the Dead Nation campaign was a complete twat, but the Road of Devastation was very very good, and nicely priced. After Might & Magic I’ll start Renegade Ops!

    Played a fair bit of Battlefield 3 Beta this week, it’s very good, nice change of pace from my usual MW2.

    Then some Dead Island, finished all the online trophies and now working towards my Platinum. As a result not really got stuck into FIFA 12 yet, although since the (usually poor to watch) international football is on this week, I’m not really in the mood for it!

    Going to start the Portal 2 DLC tonight, along with some “Moon” nazi zombies!

  2. Mostly retro games for me this week :D Fired up the old Dreamcast and have been playing RE2&3, along with some games my wife managed to pick up from the charity shop (along with Hydrothunder, which is actually a lot of fun for such an old game)

    On the current-gen front, we made a start on Gears3 and I can’t say I’m liking it so far. The gameplay just doesn’t feel right, it suffers from tonnes of pop-in and temporary freezing (despite being installed to the HDD) and the storyline is even more disjointed than the previous games.
    On the otherside of the coin I downloaded Uncharted 3’s multiplayer component last night and I can safely say I’m really looking forward to that game. Really addictive and much better than the U2 multi modes. Bring on November :D

  3. hmm this week i’ve been dossing about with a couple of games , completed a claptraps robot revolution for borderlands and played through some more of the resistance 3 story … just biding my time until arkham city is in my grasp and then no sleep for me ;D

  4. Still playing and loving Dead Island, Never been a fan of Zombie, survival or RPG to that matter, but this seems to hit the nail on the head for me.

    Also been slogging thru Gears3 campaign on co-op, can’t wait to finish it and get rid TBH. I’m finding the campaign a real chore and the multiplayer infuriating! As soon as campaign is done with my mates its getting chopped in for Forza :)

    Planning to rent Rage for the weekend..

  5. Started this week finally with Borderlands. Liked it when they had the 1 hour free game trial but thought too expensive to buy in the sea of better releases. And after reading Peter’s Dark Souls Diary ive decided to get a cheaper Demon Souls copy and have a go at it….yes its frustating but im starting to see why it so damn challenging and i keep going back to it.

  6. This week I have been playing Gears3 TDM and I’m pretty much done with it. I’m not very good at it and I don’t think I’ll ever be so the frustration levels are rising.

    I’ve also been playing Virtua Tennis 2009 on OnLive which is very addictive. Tim Henman is starting to wind me up with his challenges though.

    Last night I ran out to Tesco as I found I had £33 of unspent clubcard vouchers so I took up the Fifa 12 deal (£25 with any other chart game) and got Rugby World Cup 2012 as well. Along with a £5 off voucher I paid £22 for the pair. Bargain! So I’m in for a long weekend of watching and playing sport. The Mrs will be ecstatic.

  7. This week I’ve played quite a mix of stuff. Finished off Dead Island (platinumed), played a fair amount of Fifa 12 and Child of Eden, played through Max and the Magic Marker and picked up Rochard … which, although I’ve only played for about an hour, is a really good puzzle platformer.

  8. Got my copy of Dark Souls last night and put in five hours or so… I’d estimate I’ve died about 50 times already, and ten of those times were in the tutorial :/

    It’s a fantastic game though. It’s like Demon’s Souls turned up to 11 in all respects, including game physics, graphics, difficulty and playability.

  9. I’ve been playing a bit of my Team Ico Collection and more time trying to find all the damned resources in Dragon Age II. I also played GTA IV, spending all my time creating carnage with the aid of the helicopter and driving way too fast.

    Today I got Eufloria, which is great although the controls aren’t as fluid as in my Steam copy and Crysis is downloading from the PSN as I write this, so that has the next week fixed. Looking forward to completing it on Veteran as I never bothered doing that on my laptop. Oh, also just got IL Sturmovik off ebay for $15 which is about a third of the price it retailer for here, so pretty happy with that.

  10. Resistance 3’s story mode for the third time, playing it online and I must get properly into L.A. Noire. All that will no doubt take a back seat though, as I haven’t taken FIFA 12 out of the Playstation since I ran into town to get it on release day.

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