Nightwing DLC Launches Next Month With Robin In Tow

Warner Bros. Interactive has today confirmed that fan favourite Nightwing will be available as a playable character in Arkham City via downloadable content which launches on November 1st. Equipped with his own unique gadgets and fluid set of character animations, Nightwing can be used in any of the game’s numerous challenges.

Selling at £5.49/560MSP, the pack will also add Wayne Manor and “Main Hall” as new challenge maps, though whether these fall under the combat or stealth category has yet to be verified.


For the same price Gotham knights will be able to bag themselves the Robin DLC pack too which is scheduled towards the end of November. Like Nightwing, Robin will also be fully-playable, available for free via a number of video game retailers.

Source: Press Release



  1. Yay! :D Now I only want… 4 versions of the game.

    • I’ve gone for the Tesco one. As much as I like to support “real” gaming retailers, it was cheaper and includes that Joker DLC which is apparently a huge add-on.

      • Oh yes, Rocksteady were saying it’s pretty huge when I talked to them at the weekend. Apparently it’s the best challenge room.

        Now I want 5 versions.

      • I just couldn’t turn down Shopto’s 70s Batman suit. Has anyone seen the convaluted list of preorder bonusses on the official site? I can’t recall such a massive variety of retail perks for any other game.

  2. DLC one week after the retail release…. really classy Rocksteady.

    • You do know that DLC often has it’s own budget and team working on it separate from the main project? Just because it comes out close to the release date doesn’t necessarily mean it should be included in the game. Of course, this won’t always be the case but sometimes it will be.

      • and often it’s clear the dlc has just been chopped out of the game in order to sell it separately.

      • Sources Hazelam?

      • Could say Dirt 3, it may have been developed later, i don’t care, they left spaces in the career mode, It actually looked cut out of the game. I’m surprised there weren’t bloody scissor marks.

    • So it couldn’t possibly have been like this?

      “Boy I sure wish we could include Nightwing in the game, that’d be great!”
      “Well sure it would! But we just don’t have the budget to put him in. I’d hate to let the fans down though.”
      “Yeah, that’d suck. Heh! What if we put him out as DLC? Then the money we raise from that would pay back the budget!”
      “Well that’d be just great! I’m sure the fans will understand that we can’t include everything in the cost of the game without going broke!”
      “Exactly. In fact lets get it out quickly, so they don’t have to wait!”

      It has to be

      “Oh man, if we put out Nightwing DLC we can make more money!”

      • You really think Rocksteady didn’t have enough money to include this? It’s not a whole new city. Why include it as an exclusive for certain retailers then?

        C’mon! Don’t sugar up what it really is. It’s a common trend for devs to release DLC soon after their game release these days. Profit margins is the name of the game.

      • Nightwing isn’t an exclusive for certain retailers. Robin is, and those retailers will have PAID for the exclusivity, hence paying for the content. Part of that deal will be that they can’t give Robin away for free later, because it would make a mockery of the deal with the retailers.

        And yes, it’s about profit margins, which includes releasing a game within budget.

      • Another way to look at it is: those with legit consoles get Nightwing, those that jailbreak don’t. Because I belive if they connect to the servers they’ll show up running a custom FW and be banned from entry… right?

      • Try to justify it as much as you want. Gone are the days of actually getting the whole game on a cd. Now you’re getting 3/4 and in order to get the full experience, you’ll have to pay extra.

      • Long are the days of not having the same discussion about DLC!

      • @fattyuk

        same can be said about trolls.

      • No need for comments on trolling mate,

        But it is a pretty standard debate now when ever a DLC is announced about unfinished games and how the companies just milk it, I’m personally pro dlc and don’t see any harm in the business practice, we all want the same thing…good quality games! DLC is a good money maker for companies to keep making AAA titles, you read about devs going out of business- which is always a shame!

        if DLC is the sort of thing that keeps people there jobs and produces new titles, then I’m all game! No one forces you to buy it, and if your really against it then just wait until the complete edition with all DLC comes out in a year!

        i think it’s the negativity that gets up my shirt about how these companies shouldn’t try to make as much money from there product as they can! Every company on this planet does this that’s how business works,

    • long gone are the days when you could buy whole games.

      seems expensive for something that you would have got as part of the game a few years ago.

      i don’t have a problem with additional content, but that’s not what this is.
      i don’t like this trend of day one dlc.
      you cannot tell me that day one dlc doesn’t take resources away from the main game.
      either that or they just cut content from the game in order to sell it separately.
      either way, it looks to me like they’re shortchanging the buyers.

      i think that comment i made the other week half jokingly is turning out to be all too true.

      gaming is dead, it has left behind it’s bastard child the gaming Industry.
      emphasis on industry.

      • “gaming is dead” thats my summary too. All whats left are a bunch of cowboys trying to steal as much money from you as physically possible. Games may be getting prettier in terms of visuals but they are getting much, much uglier inside.

      • Street fighter for the snes when it first came out cost upwards of 70quid,god only knows how small those cartridges were back then.Dual layer Blu Ray holds 50 odd gb worth of data,with tonnes more content expected and available from day 1 now.
        I’m not saying i disagree with you outright but what i am saying is i don’t see it as a completely mercenary activity on the publishers part.
        30+ years and i still love gaming,it still delivers far more for me than other media.

      • You no likey you no buyie!

        Or wait for the complete edition in 12 months time,

  3. im going to wait, and see if these extra characters such as robin and nightwing can actually be swapped to inside of the game, or are challenge map only. if they are, not worth my cash

    • Been confirmed multiple times that they’re challenge map only. I flat out asked them in the video interview we did, and was confirmed when I saw the game again this weekend. Robin is challenge map only and, I would imagine, the same goes for Nightwing although obviously not confirmed.

      • Ah i see,missed that article Halpro sry,but does that apply to Catwoman to?

      • No, Catwoman is around 10% of the game’s campaign :)

      • Ah fair enough,i do sometimes wish Devs would drop their story integrity after it’s been completed.Let the player use alternative characters (or even just skins) as they wish and to hell with the cutscenes and any balance problems.
        Something Jap Devs seem to do alot but not western.

      • I do agree, but you’ve got to think about stuff like voice acting. Even dropping the story integrity it’d look odd having Nightwing addressed as Batman (even though Dick Grayson would ultimately become Batman, but that’s really off topic).

      • An option to disable cutscenes beforehand would avoid this,Lost planet 2 springs to mind where Capcom had female characters with the original mostly male voiceovers during cutscenes.The game wasn’t that great but i loved the ‘Go have fun with this now attitude’,anyways yeah were getting off track:).

    • Lol Posem you beat me:).

  4. What i’d really like to know is how many of these ‘fully’ playable characters are actually fully playable,by which i mean any mode other than the challenges.
    Loved Arkham Asylum but it was a one play through game for me,fully playable characters would change that so i really hope they are,otherwise it’s a pass.

  5. To be honest, i have no clue who Nightwing is so i probably won’t be interested in getting him. Seeing as B:AC seems to be massive, i won’t complain. I am glad that they chose to do it cheaply. :)

  6. The fact is no one knows how or why this was DLC, really its all speculation. There are budgets to consider on one hand, but also a huuge amount of money is invested in a AAA title such as this and stake holders need r.o.i. DLC is a great way of boosting revenues. At the end of the day, we are in uncertain times in the world economy so a big development cost is still a large risk, things such as DLC and special editions are ways of getting more and the ‘hardcore’ fan will splash the cash. If you aren’t a big Batman fan then the game won’t (shouldn’t) be any worse without it. If it means more games are made in the future, then its a good thing. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But both sides have a valid argument

  7. The multiple bonuses was already a joke. Another game stripped the down to the bare minimun.

    • The bare minimum? It has 40 hours of content plus the Batman and Catwoman challenge rooms without any DLC.

      • Skyrim has 300.

      • And Skyrim is, by a huge margin, the minority. 40 hours is more than enough for a non-RPG in my opinion. Most games max at around 15 hours these days for the single player, I’d hardly call 40 the bare minimum. If you’re comparing to Skyrim then only about 10 or so games live up to that, and everything else is subpar. Surely you’re not suggesting that?

      • Excalty, a typical RPG is over 30 hours long. The fact that Batman AC is 40 hours long is a good sign of how good the game will be. Comparing it to Skyrim is a tad bit unfair as it’s a massive RPG in a Series that tends to be massive.

        Most nonRPGs tend to be under 10 hours and in some extreme cases 2hours long.

      • Give me 40hrs and every batsuit, not an unreasonable expectation.

  8. With all the excuses for extra money we get these days like online passes & on-disk DLC you’d think gaming only started 3 years ago. Companys made money for years with no extra charges, its just pure greed.

    • Expansion packs far predate DLC, adding extra content for a price. Now you have the option of buying smaller pieces of an expansion, for less money. Adding to a game after release is nothing new.

      • expansion packs were generally rare though and were made after a game released, not before

      • Have you ever considered that games cost more to make produce and advertise compared to years ago. Considered how many employees need to make a living from it?

        If anything us as the consumer are getting games cheaper than what they used to be! prices never used to drop, these days they drop within weeks! And we get hell of alot more for out money,

        I remember the days of people paying £50 just for goldeneye on the n64, then about £30 for extra controllers just so 4 people could play multiplayer.

        these days you buy a game for sub £40 spend a tenner on DLC and people seem to think there being robbed or owed something!?

      • Whilst I agree games obviously cost more to make these days my main point/problem is charging for dlc that’s already made when a game releases! At the start DLC was a opportunity to listen to feedback & add to a game if its successful. Now its just blatant greed. You either see this or you don’t.

      • More money to make & more money to buy. We used just get a chunky game for £1.99(codemasters.)

  9. Well after reading Jim’s article on DLC and read the whole comment of everyone who are with/against DLC
    Here’s my short response…..
    If you hate DLC then don’t buy it!
    If you think Arkham City isn’t worth it because a small ‘package’ was cut out then don’t buy it (there will be a complete Arkham Edition game in a year just like the 1st one with 3D and DLC)
    Also remember the DLC price can be dropped too so it might be £2 in Christmas for the PS+ or maybe free in 6 months or so and the game price will be dropped aswell.
    There now I feel just a wee bit better, well I hate mornings…

    • I think this already has 3D. I think. I remember Rocksteady saying something about it, but I might be misremembering. Know that wasn’t really your point, just putting it out there :)

      • I know halbpro ;) I don’t have 3D TV though but I think the 1st one had 3D glasses in the case xD
        Well waiting for my Limited Edition to arrive from the post next Friday!
        I cannot effing wait ^^

      • I think this one lets you use those 3D glasses again if I remember correctly. Hells yeah, wish more devs would do it. Not the best way to play the game, but it’s a nice option to include.

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