Resistance 3 Patch Incoming

Insomniac has confirmed that it is working on a new patch for recently released Resistance 3.

James Stevenson, Senior Community Manager of Insomniac Games, said that Patch 1.05 will “continue to address issues”, but failed to go into the specifics of the update.

Included in the update are two new maps, ‘Creek’ and ‘Granary’. No further details were given about the maps but I highly suspect one will take place at a creek and the other at a granary.

The developer made no mention of a release date for the patch, so stay tuned for more info.

Source: US PlayStation Blog


  1. Haven’t got into the multiplayer as much as I have wanted to. But I’ll check out the new maps when the patch is released. What would be better is a different ending to the game (those who completed it will understand why).

    • It wasn’t a bad ending really. It reminded me of the ending for Resistance Fall Of Man, same manic running around trying to avoid trouble whilst killing the enemy.

      • I thought it was a bit lack lustred. It tied it off nicely though. Opens up room for a fourth in the series (for example feral chimera are still unaffected)

    • I got to Rank 60, then went Remnant, played it to Rank 5 and then never bothered again. Should have stayed at Rank 60 lol

  2. It better fix my game. I installed the patch a few weeks ago and stuck with a loading screen grrr…..
    Going to try again one more time today and if it doesn’t well you do not wanna know!

  3. Ooooh, new maps! Free too, tasty.

    Don’t forget to sign up for Teflon’s amazing Resistance 3 Meet this Saturday!

  4. ‘two new maps’? Cool:P Another excellent PS3 exclusive gets more stuff for FREE;)

    • seriously I’ve lost count of how many “fanboy” comments you make. There’s one on the attempted psn hack about how MS would never tell you they’ve been hacked. In all fairness give it a rest.

    • But PS3 Rulez dunnit!

      C’mon, I would have thought that was obvious from all of the fanboyish posts that litter the comments sections from this member – Sometimes on things that don’t even relate! :P

      • His user name is so ironic to this…

  5. That’s a bit of bad timing, I’m trading my copy towards RAGE this weekend. Great game though :)

  6. Is it bad that one of the main things turning me off this game was the fact that when i tried the demo/beta (whatever they called it), i tried the map on Glamorgan coast, which is where i lived prior to uni, for 18 years, and found that insomniac had done pretty much no research on the area and produced a map that looked absolutely nothing like it. And no, It’s not because it’s in the past in the game and so doesn’t compare to what i think it looks like today, i know that, its just because it’s wrong. The victorian architecture that’s prominent in the area, seafront, victorian pier, narrow alleyways, terraced houses, I think this would all make a fantastic map, but instead they put in on top of a cliff, with american style houses and weird wooden bridges. it’s not like google images wouldn’t have helped anyway, I didn’t expect the whole team to fly out but a little effort, please.. /rant.

  7. Awesome will be good to play around with these and it gives me a good excuse to play R3 mp more.

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