Some More Syndicate Gameplay Shown

A lot of people weren’t too keen on the new Syndicate game swapping genres. A ten minute long gameplay video has been released, and in my opinion it actually looks pretty good.

What do you think?

Source: YouTube



  1. I tried the original back in the day but never really got into it. I’m liking the look of this though.

  2. Looking good.

  3. Well, I’m intrigued. Very interesting mechanic and the game itself looks to be a blend between Deus Ex, Dead Space, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Haze.

  4. It looks good. Although i hope it won’t focus on the gunplay and focus more on the breaching abilties. I hope the game will reward you for being steathly as well.

  5. This looks quite good, loving all the different mechanics.

  6. Yep, I like the look of that :)
    Could be a good un!

  7. The Chinese from the hologram is actually accurate unlike a lot of other games which just throw it in randomly. Liking the look of this.

  8. That does look a whole log better than I gave it credit for before, I’m not sure I’ll accept it as a syndicate game if it doesn’t have the Persuadatron thoguh.

  9. This could be my replacement for Deus-Ex.

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