TSA Talks to Indie Developers

That’s right, we’re not done with EGX videos just yet. Obviously the much expected Dance Central 2 video is still to come, but for now you’ll have to be content with some indie dev talk. The Indie Games Arcade was a bit tucked away this year, in some kind of tunnel. Never fear though, we waded our way through, kindly took some developers to the side and had a bit of a natter with them about their games. We’re nice like that.

So there you have it, why not try out some of the games on show? I made sure I gave them all a try, and I can certainly vouch that they’re all enjoyable and feel fairly unique. Really there’s nothing stopping you, unless you don’t have an iPhone. In that case I guess we can let you off the hook.



  1. Brilliant. Really Big Sky was the best thing at EGX in my opinion. Pure game, loved it.

  2. Really Big Sky looks pretty good.
    i’d definitely look into buying that when they get the console version out.

  3. Nice to see the indies getting some attention and i’m impressed by your interview style Kris, genuinely friendly and enthusiastic about each game and i’m certain all your interviewees enjoyed talking to you too. Still, can’t wait to see the dance video – it’d better not be a lie! ;)

  4. Great stuff, i love the look of Really Big Sky, the art style looks brilliant!

  5. Nice to see some of the stuff I didn’t get to check out at EGX.

  6. Interesting art style in Really Big Sky.

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