Vita Won’t Play PsOne Classics

According to a recent PlayStation Vita FAQ posted by SCEJ, the firm’s upcoming handheld will not support PsOne Classics or TurboGrafx-16 games downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

The FAQ states that PSP software downloaded from the store will carry over with the exception of Game Archive titles. Sony has said that it will address the issue in more detail at a later date.

Source: Siliconera



  1. Ehm… what the hell?

    That was one of the main attractions of the PSP, being able to play some of the classics on the go. Why would they remove it for the Vita when the PS3 and PSP can do it?

    • wouldn’t be able to use two sticks on the GO or anywhere in the house (bedroom)… It doesn’t make sense..

      • I am the biggest playstation fan, I have loads of ps1 games, yet I totally think Vita is about moving forward not back. Ps1 games should remain fond memories, I popped mgs in and was glad I bought twin snakes and a cube. The future is bright….

      • That means Vita is not a replacement for the PSP. So if i want my Final Fantasy and Uncharted i should have both with me?!

  2. Good. Cocnentrate on new stuff, not backwards compatibility.

    • I agree. People always moan when their old games are not supported anymore. This leads to even more reheated but half baked HD rereleases instead of actually working on new games.

  3. What?! What about my Crash Bandicoot?!

    Just means I’ll have to keep my PS3 forever as the only console so far that can play PS3, PS2 and PS1 games… and some PSP games.

    • Yeh but that PS3 will not last long unless you changed the thermal paste as soon as your warranty expired after a year.

      • Really? Cos my launch day console is still going strong despite daily play, plenty of long sessions, quite a few journeys to random other houses and partys and never being opened up for any kind of maintenance!
        It can happen

      • Ive lived with PC’s all my life with high performance graphix cards…my PS3 is also still going strong. There is no reason to re-apply thermal paste unless a new fan is being applied.

        I think its been long established that its the lack of lead in solder that breaks modern day gaming consoles due to heat expansion

      • It’s a known issue the way Sony applied thermal paste is pathetic. When I opened mine up, the thermal paste was all crusty, dry and powdery. No way heat transfer was as efficient from the chips to heatsinks.

  4. Whaa? How does that make sense? It supports Suite, which includes PSone games, but won’t support Classics themselves!

    • Yeah, Sony make some seriously odd decisions.

  5. Hmm, I thought digital media would stop these incompatibility issues. Bit of a downer, but at least they can still be played on the PS3.

  6. What the feck??? I’ve bought so many on the PSN… how could it be so different on the Vita? bastards… more reason to keep my PSP now just to play Final Fantasy, MGS, Soul REaver etc etc eh?

  7. “Is PS Vita compatible with other PlayStation formats?

    You can play PSP titles, minis and PS one Classics available from PS Store. We do not have any plans to make PS Vita compatible with PS3 or PS2 titles at this point.”

    Did something change or is this a mistranslation/misunderstanding?

    • Good spot. Hopefully this news is just a mistranslation.

    • Fingers crossed that this latest comment is wrong. I find it hard to believe they would get rid of them, and how much power could they chew up, seriously if the PSP can play them then the Vita has no excuses.

      Unless of course Sony decided to start giving them HD updates and trophy support so they can sell them to us again? ;)

    • Even if they did, I wouldn’t waste my money.

    • Didn’t they announce some sort of remote play for titles on PS3? And actually demo it this time?

      • Yeah, that dungeon crawl game (don’t remember the name) you could play on PS3, then continue on Vita. they did a demo at E3.. So that statement has to be wrong? no?

  8. And to think I wanted to buy Grandia just so I could play it on my vita… Despite the fact I have the actual PS1 discs and I could just download it on my psp… Sucks!

  9. This is crap, surely if the Vita can run the same games as PS3 they can put the effort into getting it to run the same PS1 emulator, or whatever engine it uses. Moshi, I’m glad you didn’t want my PSP, I’m totally keeping it!

  10. WHAT? so i get my PS+ account and have all these psOne classics that i have on my psp but i can’t transfer them when i get my vita? not happy about that…

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