Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra Video Avaliable on 3DS

Nintendo has just announced that 3DS users can receive an orchestral performance free via SpotPass.

Available through Nintendo Video, 3DS users can get a 3D video of the Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra rehearsing ‘Russian Dance’ by Igor Stravinsky.


“The Berliner Philharmoniker has been at the forefront of introducing new audio visual technology for almost one hundred years; from taking part in the first audio recording of a symphony in 1913, to the first audio CD recording in 1981 and in 2010 the first recording of a classical performance in 3D.

The launch of the Berliner Philharmoniker 3D performance via Nintendo 3DS is the latest affiliation with a number of organisations that will deliver content to Nintendo Video users across Europe.”

The video is free, but will only be about for a limited time, so if you like your orchestral music this download is for you.

Source: Press Release



  1. Sounds cool, wouldn’t have put together N and a German orchestra though, and I wouldn’t connect that with 3DS users.. Oh well, I’d probably give it a bash for free..

  2. That’s great. Now how’s about orchestrating me some games to buy?… :p

  3. Awe..I was hoping to make my own symphonies (Cacophony style with guitars) on the 3DS.

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