Dark Souls Beaten In Under 90 Minutes

Dark Souls is hard, really hard.  So, I won’t be surprised if you’re shouting shenanigans at the screen right now.

However, the headline doesn’t lie. Someone beat Dark Souls in 1 hour 26 minutes and 28 seconds. Youtube user, SexyShoiko, has uploaded the complete speed run on his Youtube Channel. The first part is below.

Seriously, this guy has some major skills and I’d be surprised if any one can beat that. Peter has been playing through Dark Souls and you can read his playthrough diary here.

Source: CVG / Youtube


  1. What?

  2. That is insane…

  3. All other questions aside, the main one surely has to be ‘why’? Why would you want to run through a game (that may or may not have cost you in the region of £40) in less than an hour & a half?

    I personally don’t see the point. Is it just bragging rights?

    • I hear he gets all the girls with his mad gaming skillz.

    • Entirely, it’s just so everyone in the world knows that they suck in comparison, like the 10 minute portal run, or the 2 hour skyrim run.

    • I’m sure he has played it to death first to be so good at it. I did the Resi Evil 5 speed run for the trophy and it was actually really fun, it’s like an entirely different game, trying to beat a set time.

      • Really? I don’t remember that trophy! :S

  4. i’m giving this guy a salute

  5. oh my word

  6. Gotta take my hat off to this guy.

  7. Trophy Unlocked: “No Life”

    Nah… There will always be speed-runners and that’s pretty impressive. Must have taken a while to memorize everything.

  8. Is this the same guy who did Demons Souls in about 59 minutes something?

    • Dunno if its the same guy, but both were very impressive.
      This guy managed to do in 9 minutes what took me around 8 hours lol

  9. This is madness! It is not possible to do it and yet he has gone and done it. I’m begining to think that the crazies were right and the Rapture will happen. :p

    But i wonder if the Japanese version is easier or harder?

  10. I’m over 3 hours in and struggling to get past the second boss, gotta love this game though. Like an abusive relationship.

    • Lol I bought it on day one 2 hours in still cant get technique right to kill Taurus Demon

      • I struggled a bit with Taurus, eventually settling on sprinting for the ladder and landing a quick plunge attack from the roof (be quick or he’ll follow you up there) before sprinting for the far end of the battlement. Once I’d recovered my stamina I then rolled past one of his attacks and sprinted for the ladder again before repeating the cycle three or four times. Once he’s dead, be sure to talk to the npc knight solaire who is a little further on a couple of times to get the white summon stone or whatever it’s called, then you need never face a boss alone again.

        I also found it really helpful to level up kit to the max available level before levelling up, as it means you have the best available kit in case of invasion.

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