Rayman Origins “10 Ways to Bubblize Your Enemies” Trailer

As you may have guessed from our ‘hands on‘ write up, we are rather taken with Rayman Origins.

Not only does it look great, but underneath is a solid platforming game with a multitude of ways to beat the living daylights out of an enemy.


Let’s check them out.

Source: YouTube



  1. Look whos back…THAT guy from Rayman.. that shoots bullets with wooden mallets..

    hehehe… PEW…

  2. Swallow.

  3. Bit desperate to get to 10 ways were they? Surely a “spin” and an “underwater spin” are the same? Just one is under water. Why not have “spin while facing left” and “spin while facing right”. Instantly double the 10 ways.

    Or however many of the 8 non-spin moves work underwater. Could get way above 10 ways doing that.

    “Underwater swallow” is obviously going to be wrong for so many reasons.

  4. This game looks fantastic. 2D platformers kick ass.

  5. Amazing! Can’t wait, give me now.

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