10,000 Free Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Codes Up For Grabs

The nice fellows at IGN and Playstation Access have teamed up to provide early access to Uncharted 3’s multiplayer mode for UK gamers.

Previously you had to be a PSN Plus member to get early access to UC3’s multiplayer component, but no longer. The only requisite for grabbing a code is to sign up for an IGN account, however, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a small price to pay to get up close and personal with Drake and co. several weeks early.


Naughty Dog have previously confirmed that any multiplayer progress gained will carry over when the final game launches on 2nd November.

What are you waiting for, an invitation? Go and grab your code now!

Our full review of Uncharted 3 hits on October 24th.

Source: Fileplanet



  1. Woohoo, after plenty of faffing with Opera on my iPhone I got one! Not sure why Safari didn’t like the site, anyone else pant wettingly happy?

  2. brilliant, totally unexpected, downloading a healthy 3244MB right now.

  3. Ok, call me thick, but I just signed up for an IGN account, now how exactly do I get the code?

    • Thanks for the heads up guys. Bagged myself one.

    • Not sure why that replied to you Tony. But once you’ve signed up, Click the source on this article and it should take you to the page.

    • Thanks Mr Mikey, code obtained and redeemed and download, erm, downloading! Can’t complain with that can we? Thank you very much TSA for the heads up!

      • I’ve been sat waiting for my code, until I just read these comments, thank god. I now have my code, thanks TSA.

  4. thanks guys, I’ve signed up

  5. Is this gonna be an open beta at some point soon?? I have plus so have been playing it pretty heavily for a few weeks now but was just wondering?

    • They actually had an open beta a couple of months ago, this early access is just a bonus for Plus members really. I think this code giveaway is probably going to get as open as it gets.

      • ah I see my plus pounds are paying off

  6. Wahey! This is great.

  7. As much as I want to play this, I think I’ll wait for the full game, got too much else to play at mo.

  8. I haven’t bothered to play the MP.. good for the 10,000 non Plus doods…

  9. I can confirm that the codes also work in Ireland.

  10. Thanks for the heads up on this chaps. Happily downloading now…
    Im sensing in the article a slight hatred for IGN?

    • Hatred for IGN certainly wasn’t the point I was trying to convey. I was just suggesting that going through the process to sign up for an IGN account to get a code might be a little inconvenient for some, but that it was still worth doing.

      • Gotcha. Totally worth the sign up. You guys planning on organising a meet for it?

      • Nevertheless they are the competition…

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