‘Kinectimals Now With Bears’ Gets a Launch Trailer

We reported a while ago that Kinectimals would be getting a new version, adding bears into the mix. Well, the launch trailer is out showing the little critters in action as they guide you around the island.

With a little bit of tweaking (killer bears, for example) this could be the best survival horror ever!


Source: Machinima


  1. I wonder if the pandas taste of liquorice.

  2. I hate bears

  3. So it’s a kinect, children’s version of uncharted, with all characters replaced with a variety of bears, and a marsupial that is commonly known as a bear. The plane, the pirate ship, the lost kingdom, it all adds up.

  4. It should be “Kinecticats with bears”, M$ really dropped the ball when they named it Kinectimals and then forgot to include any animals except for cats……. til now obviously.

  5. I could always use a new rug.*loads shotgun and goes hunting*

    I wonder how many people will try to beat up a bear in kinectimals? We all want to do at some point.

  6. It’s often wondered, what do bears get up to in the woods.. now we can find out.. ;)

  7. I thought this had something to do with pedobears when I first read it :P

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