Microsoft Launches Unique Batman: Arkham City Marketing Campaign

Microsoft have teamed up with Rocksteady, DC Comics & WB Games to bring a unique way to market Batman Arkham City.

Alfred At Your Service is a search engine but with a twist.  If you go to  you’ll be come face to face with the ever dependable Alfred, from Batman.I’ll let Microsoft explain a bit more.


“Specific search terms will return exclusive pieces of content including screenshots, audio files and even the chance to own win a limited edition Xbox 360 console.

Keywords will be hidden throughout the marketing campaign for the game and site creators Weapon7 have developed cryptic clues the dastardly Joker would be proud of, calling on Batman fans to interact, explore and unearth exclusive content.  Try searching “Batman” or “Arkham City” for a taste of what to expect.”

So, this is more than a search engine. It’s a treasure hunt and a competition. This marketing campaign has to be one of the more clever ones I’ve seen recently. Now, I’m going to try and win that Xbox 360.

Batman: Arkham City releases Friday 21st October (this week!) on PS3 and Xbox 360. The PC version has been delayed.

Source: Press Release/Alfred At Your Service



  1. thats pretty sneeky. i my self will be missing out however and will try to pick it up at christmas

  2. What would be even more clever would be to remove the need for ‘1st purchaser codes’.

  3. so it’s just bing with a batman theme…..

  4. Any idea of a PC date? Amazon says 8th November, no idea where that’s from. Got a copy free with my graphics card, so I’m wondering when it’ll pop up on Steam.

    • No official PC date has been revealed at the moment.

    • Actually it has been announced for the 18th of November.

  5. Surely it would be the Riddler that would be the one proud of cryptic clues?

  6. Obviously I typed loads of rude words in. I also typed “Gay” and Alfred recommends a ‘Sugar Daddy Dating Site’. Oh yes Alfred, something you wish to share? You silver fox, you!

    • Didn’t know you liked the more mature crowd ;-)

  7. Nice, I’ll check it out.

  8. It looks nice, but has two problems:
    1) Bing.
    2) Alfred is Michael Caine, and NO ONE else. :(

    • for a long time Michael Gough was Alfred, and nobody else.

      Caine’s only played the role 3 times, Gough did 4.

      by the end he was the best thing in the films.

    • I can’t stand Michael Caine.

      • O_O
        you did not just say that. o_O

    • I love him, and I’m a firm believer that once Michael Caine plays your role, it’s not your role anymore.

      • for now, but other’s have played that role before, and others will play it after.
        you may always see Alfred as played by Caine.

        maybe you’re younger than me but when i think of Alfred in the movies, i still think of Michael Gough.

        it’s like doctor who or james bond, everybody has their bond or their doctor.

        my doctor was Peter Davison and my bond was Roger Moore, they may not have dated too well, Moore’s bond especially.
        but they’re the ones i grew up with.

        but even so, i still think Caine is doing a fantastic job as Alfred in the new films.

  9. are there any batarangs as prizes? ^_^

  10. Poor Jeeves.

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