Modnation Racers Vita Officially Named

Sony have unveiled a new name for the upcoming Vita version of kart racer Modnation Racers.

Modnation Racers: Road Trip was selected as the finalised title from thousands of suggestions posted on the Playstation Blog.


Sony San Diego even included a list of their favourite suggestions that didn’t make the cut:

  1. VitaMeataVegeModNation Racers
  2. Honey I Shrunk The Modnation Racers
  3. In-A-Gotta-Mod-Vita
  4. Steve
  5. Modnation Racers: Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Modnation Racers: Purple Monkey Dishwasher sadly isn’t coming out sometime next year.

Source: US PlayStation Blog




  1. Awesome! I sold my PS3 Modnation before I should’ve done really, the network issues and load times were doing my nut, but it was such a great game. If they fix those two issues with the Vita version, sold!

  2. I would so buy a game called Steve.

    • I’d only buy one called Dave.

      • The game of the channel??

      • Dave – The Game

        Surely it would just be hours and hours of randomly assorted scenes from other games, but with a heavy leaning towards scenes of driving the GT5 Top Gear track in different cars ;-)

      • Sounds like OnLive’s video wall thing.

  3. By the time it loads the journey would’ve ended….

    • Or the Vita’s battery would have died.

  4. Not going to rush to get this. Didn’t enjoy the ps3 version as much as a should have. If that makes sense.

  5. Good game once it loaded. UNtil they sort the loading out, I wont touch this again.

  6. Could be good, the extra Vita controls really look to suit this game, but i will not go near it if the loading takes a million years again… I could have grown a beard in the time it takes to load a race on the PS3.. Don’t really like that name though. It’s just a bit standard and dull.

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