Naughty Dog Updates Uncharted 3 MP With New Map

Another week, another update for those currently taking part in the Uncharted 3 “Early Access” multiplayer event, this time in the form of a new map.Like Highrise and the Molten Ruins, both of which are playable thanks to last week’s update, The Facility was originally available as DLC for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Since last year things have gotten a little chilly, the dated submarine pen being completely frozen over, the once-mobile cargo cranes now out of operation. Here’s a snappy walkthrough of the updated map courtesy of YouTuber, bai3283.


Despite the aesthetic change, we would have liked to have seen something original though it makes sense for Naughty Dog to cycle in the DLC maps which a number of people wouldn’t have purchased the first time around.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Oh right, I’ve already played on this map a couple of times.

  2. oooh like this one pleyed it loads on UC2 :) excited muchly!!!!

  3. Nice extra as always, though what I really want at the moment is the level cap to increase :( Like most players I am stuck on Level 35 at the moment and want some new unlocks lol.

    • I agree, they should have raised it each week by 10 levels.

  4. So that will be a total of 6maps now in the beta then?

    • Few more than that:
      Airstrip, Chateau, Yemen, Desert Village, London Underground, Syria, Molton Ruins, Highrise and now Facility I believe

      Not bad for an early access download :D

      • hmm have yet to play Desert village,Molton Ruins and highrise.

      • I played the early beta, and will carry on tonight with my new code from IGN for signing up. Looking forward to testing out all the maps. Will keep me going till BF3 comes out.

  5. UC2 only had 8 maps in the beginning, the beta has got 7 new maps and now 2 of the previous DLC ones throw in. I believe two more of the DLC maps are in there too, and possibly one extra new map.

    So there’s absolutely no complaints from me here on this. I’ve said often that the DLC from previous titles should carry over, free of charge, to the next game, and this is almost exactly that.

    ND are awesome. End of.

    • Agreed!

      Loved crash on my ps1 loved jak and dexter on my ps2 absoloutly love Uncharted!!

  6. Looks cool. although after trying online, i’m a tad disappointed and am looking forward to single player more..

  7. Fantastic news – Naughty Dog just know how to treat fans of their series well, from the way they dealt out DLC for Uncharted 2 and the cost, right up to how the ‘closed’ beta and the early access have been handled.
    Naughty Dog have been my favourite developers for about seven years now and every new release my expectations of them get exceeded. They are simply – awesome.

    • Agreed. They have really focussed on this game, getting people to test out the online nice and early (beta earlier this year), taking comments on board and then implementing them before releasing a second, ultimately finished, build over the past couple of weeks. Devs, take note, this is how you test your product!

  8. Great just got a key for me and a mate from IGN today , they’ve got 10,000 to give away for the beta . Perhaps some kind of an announcement or post about this for the fellow readers would be handy or maybe you don’t want to advertise a rival albeit a much inferior one.

  9. Love this.
    Love Uncharted.
    Love Naughty Dog.

  10. This site I llove you, I had to sign up just to tell you I LOVE YOU REALLY, you hooked me up with codes for the uncharted 3 beta, my girlfriend now hates you

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