PlayStation Vita Dated For Europe

[drop2]Finally, Sony have shared the details of Vita’s release date in Europe and the United States.

The latest PlayStation handheld is set to release on the 22nd of February 2012 in both locations – before the rumoured date of the 28th of February yet still two months after the console releases in Japan on the 17th of December.

So that’s that, then – you’ll be able to get your hands on the PlayStation Vita in a matter of months, with an affordable RRP of €249.99 for the WiFi model or an extra €50 if you want 3G; that model being set to retail at €299.99.

The news was revealed via the official PlayStation Blog, after being announced by Jack Tretton himself at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

We certainly can’t wait – will you be getting the PlayStation Vita on launch?


  1. Just read this on IGN. My prediction was wrong. I was thinking March, but, still, i’m a little annoyed that they’re missing out on Christmas sales.

    • Maybe Sony wants to increase PS3 sales over the holidays due to price cut or they want to produce enough stock for European and American launch.

  2. Not too long to wait. I would love to get the PSVita, but I really can’t justify buying it, not to mention the fact I have barely any money as it is on this student loan of mine.
    I’ve never really gotten into the whole hand-held gaming scene as it is anyway, so I’m not too fussed about not being able to get this.

  3. Might look into it, only if there’s a good number of games for me to play.. Disappointing for Sony that they couldn’t get it out for christmas though.. I’ll be back at uni by then, student loan, goodbye?

  4. I’d like one at some point but with all the excellent looking PS3 games out in the early part of next year, I just can’t see the point in me rushing to get one.

  5. Do we know the UK release price yet? I was hoping for £180 like the original PSP, and looking at the European Vita price it’s seeming possible since the European price for the PSP was €250.

    • £230 for the wifi only & £279 for 3G & WiFi

  6. In time for my birthday…yes!

    • My birthday is 2nd March, so I’m thinking this will do nicely!

    • Mine will also be a birthday present!

  7. Four months eh? so i wont get this till im 17…

    kind of a bummer i suppose but at least it has a date now.

  8. looking forward to it day one for me.

  9. Hmm, kinda lame that we won’t see a december release in Europe. But still, the 3G version is a day one buy for me.

  10. Still far enough away to warrant a sneaky import. :)

    • I imported the original PSP from Hong Kong but I think I’ll wait for the UK launch this time as it’s not to far away.

      • I picked up my original PSP when I was in Japan 8 months before it came out here! :oP

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