Polyphony Solve GT5 DLC Lockdown Issue

Kaz Yamauchi has pledged to solve the problem with locked-down single PSN ID Gran Turismo 5 DLC in a series of explanatory tweets this afternoon.

We reported this morning that purchases of the DLC were locked to a single PSN user, which caused considerable upset amongst those of us that – for example – buy on one account and play on another.


“Regarding the DLC usage for multiple accounts,” he said, “we’re planning an another update for GT5 in December. In that update users who purchased cars and tracks from the DLC already can receive a free ‘family upgrade’ in the PS Store, which will let all users in the same PS console use the DLC.”

“And though we looked into this,” continued the Polyphony head, “unfortunately there’s no solution for crossing multiple regions.  I’m sorry, but we have to ask you to match the region of your disc and your PSN account setting.”

“People who bought the DLC cars will have those cars added to the dealers in the December update.”

He also teased a special Christmas present for those that have purchased ‘multiple DLC’.



  1. Good to hear :)
    With multiple DLC to they mean the complete pack?

  2. Well, at least somebody listens to public opinion.
    Not perfect, and shouldn’t have happened in the first place, but…
    Nice save, Kaz.

  3. *Puts reputation back on good list*

  4. Yeah, i don’t have the game & even i am glad of this news.

    Hopefully others take note.

    • Activision and EA where probably keeping their fingers crossed that this went down better. Nice to see Polyphony changing their minds based on their user based and source of finance turning on them.

  5. there’s still the consumables, but this is a step in the right direction.

    i’d bet real money that left to the management at sony nothing would change.
    at least somebody is thinking of the fans.

  6. Who buys on one account and plays on another? Can someone explain, I just don’t understand!!!

    • For example, previously if i bought a copy of GT5 & the DLC & the wife wanted to play the DLC on her profile, she couldn’t. This news should now resolve this issue.

    • People whose countries don’t have access to the Store may use two accounts. Their original for playing and one with a fake address to access the Store.

      • This and people who import games. This fix is not a solution for those people. Sad.

      • indeed.

    • LOL, Microsoft charge seperate Xbox Live fees for each account…. That’s a gazillion times worse than this..

      You have to buy a $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Family Xbox Live Subscription.

      Gamers need to really wake up and see who the bad guys here are.

  7. I can see the potential logic behind the move to lock out dlc trading but nice to see them think about family gamers. IN the future though it would be nice to see something along the lines of console nominations from sony where you get say 3 consoles you can tie together and any dlc / online passes are then unlocked for the said consoles.

  8. Good, hope never to see such stupid DLC again..

  9. A christmas treat? The mystery of that might just make me buy the DLC… and then it turns out to be new paint items.

  10. It’s a good solution…I have to admit. Maybe December is a little too far away though? If I had the problem I think waiting over a month would be a little frustrating.

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