Zipper Outlines Plans For SOCOM DLC

SOCOM: Special Forces studio, Zipper Interactive, has announced via the official PlayStation Blog that two rounds of online DLC are currently in the pipeline. The first, dubbed Demolition, is focused on the game’s competitive multiplayer, ushering in four new maps (including two classics,) six character skins and the popular SOCOM game mode, Demolition:

For those that haven’t experienced “Demolition” before, each team vies for control of a bomb placed on the map. Once a team grabs the bomb, they need to carry it into the opposing team’s base, arm the bomb and defend it until the base is destroyed.


The Demolition pack launched last night for $10 on the US PlayStation Network Store, Zipper yet to announce when it will become available in other regions.

Aside from a double XP event, the MAG developer also announced the “Evac” co-op pack which is expected to release next month for €4.99 including six more skins, a new map, and the Evac survival mode, compatible with Special Force’s current stock of maps.



  1. i’d check the fine print before buying if this interests you, you may have to pay to reload. o_O

    anyway, i’d like to remind the devs that some women like to play these games as well, maybe they could give us a character or two once in a while.

    the maps look decent enough though.

    • I’d like to be a woman…..

      • Im not quite sure this is the place to admit that.

    • There is a female skin (45) at least available in co-op.
      Also the Demolition pack is on the UK store today.

  2. Why make DLC for the worst socom game ever – zipper you are dead to me!

  3. Erm… do people still play it?

  4. Ooh a new co-op map and mode in the works?
    And here I thought it was a dead duck.
    Will be throwing that one into the cart in future.

    I played co-op a lot and online a bit. Unfortunately unlike MAG where you could multi-queue, in SOCOM you could only queue for one mode, so everyone ended up in death match as the queues were too little for everything else.

  5. I got this from lovefilm a couple of weeks ago. I played through the sp campaign which was good fun, and had a couple of games of online, but thought it was a bit rubbish. Sent back now.

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