Gears of War 3 ‘RAAM’s Shadow’ DLC Out in December

Epic has announced that the Gears of War 3 ‘RAAM’s Shadow’ DLC will be out on December 13th. Taking place before the first Gears of War, it features the events of Sera post-Emergence Day, as Zeta Squad is enlisted to evacuate Ilima City and protect the citizens against a Locust Kryll storm. You’ll also get to play as RAAM and “storm the human stronghold”. It should last about three hours.

In addition the DLC will include six new multiplayer characters, the Chocolate Weapon Set and 250 Gamerscore. It’ll set you back 1200 MSP, unless you have the Season Pass, in which case it’ll be free.

Source: Press Release



  1. Whilst this sounds awesome, I’d much rather they poured their efforts into fixing the freezing issue that is locking out people’s profiles.

    Then again, they already have our money.

  2. the fuck is RAAM?

    • Final boss and major antagonist on the first game.

    • Not much need for the profanity, but as YD said, he’s the main bad guy from Gears 1.

  3. Does “RAAM” actually stand for anything or is it in caps-lock just ’cause of a typo?

  4. ‘It should last about three hours.’

    Wow, It’s only DLC and it’s the length of the entire campaign of your typical xbox 360 game.

  5. at least this one is priced a bit more reasonably…

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