Namco Vita Games Get Release Date

Namco Bandai has announced that a slew of their titles for the Vita will launch alongside the console in North America and Europe.

February 22nd is the date to mark in your calendar if you want to pick up Ridge Racer, Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen or Touch My Katamari *smirk* in addition to your brand new Vita.


Anyone thinking of grabbing one of these launch titles?

Source: Joystiq



  1. ‘Touch My Katamari’. Haven’t used that line in a while. ;)

    • I touched someone’s Katamari once. Things were a bit awkward from then on.

  2. I have to get Ridge Racer since I play it on PSP so much.

  3. Crap, *ANOTHER* Ridge Racer? It’s like they have some sort of generic template to roll out a new game each time a new console comes around :). BTW, I do enjoyed playing it on the PSOne, and still managed to have some fun with RR&, but it seems that lately they are just trying to cash in with early adopters, instead of actually improving significantly the game.

  4. Ridge racer is just awesome

  5. Yep, my wife loves Katamari! I can’t get on with the controls so I will be interested if it incorporates the rear touch pad

  6. I dunna sodding care…just give me the bloody console!!!

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