‘Pokémon Gray’ Domain Registered

So it appears that a Pokémon Gray domain has been registered. The big deal here though is that the domain was registered by Melbourne IT DBS, the company that registered the Pokémon Black & White websites on behalf of Nintendo.

Nintendo are holding a 3DS event tomorrow, so fingers crossed for an announcement. A 3DS Pokémon game would shift units rather swiftly.

Source: Nintendo Buzz


  1. This could be a life saver for the 3ds if they pull it off well especially with Christmas looming.

  2. Gray…. such a dull colour, are they serious?

    • It’s a mix of Black and White – follows the theme they generally do :)

    • Where’s Pokemon Purple, eh?

  3. The next Pokemon game: Pokemon Rainbow!
    Unfourtunately, i don’s have a 3DS to pay Pokemon :'(

  4. *Grey … that is all Nintendo

  5. Considering I bought a 3DS when t was heavily reduced just so I could play Pokémon games colour me very happy (grey)

  6. For 3DS?
    Be a strange move to split a Pokémon generation over two consoles.
    In fact, unless it’s possible to trade between DS and 3DS consoles, it’d be impossible to finish the game.

    Unless it’s the last DS game, that is…

    • the ds has wifi though doesn’t it?
      they could use that.

      and you could always finish the games solo, though i’ve never managed to, i always get four or five badges and then have no idea what to do, there are probably ten year old kids finishing these games and i can’t. :(

      it’s just collecting all the pokemon where you need to connect to other people’s copy.
      at least as far as i know, as, like i said i’ve never finished one.

  7. Weren’t Black & White for 3DS? Clearly not, but I always thought they were with the whole change in viewpoint n stuff.

  8. I got bored of pokemon years ago, but this will undoubtedly sell a lot, and will shift many consoles too..

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