Why There’s Still No Battlefield 3 Reviews

The relentless marketing machine rolls on, with EA pushing out teaser after teaser for Battlefield 3’s single player without really letting anyone loose on it for an extended period of time. With one week to go, you’d assume there’d be reviews, right?  Well, no – because there isn’t any review code yet, or at least that’s what we’re hearing.

[drop2]Normally there’s a pecking order for early code – the print magazines tend to get nearly finished disks a month or so early so they can meet deadlines and print runs, and then the major sites get first dibs on anything left over.  Sites like TSA will get debug (but finished) code if it’s there (our Uncharted 3 review has been done for nearly a week now, for example) but that’s not always the case, with us sometimes working with normal retail promos and sometimes we buy the games after release.


We’ve been pinging EA for answer on when Battlefield 3 code might be coming, but as of yet without response.  Gamespot, though, being a ‘big’ site after all, appear to have more info.

“Yesterday we received an email asking us to confirm our mailing address because review copies of Battlefield 3 are coming soon,” said a blog on the site, with the email suggesting review code would be coming “early next week”.  Yes, alongside the final version of the game that’ll be hitting stores.  “Clearly,” continues the post, “receiving a game so close to its release makes it impossible for us to deliver a timely review.”

We can’t imagine for a second that TSA would get code any earlier, if indeed we get it at all.  What we’ll do is let you know when it’s arrived and then try to get a review done as soon as possible.  We strive to review before the game is released but sometimes it just doesn’t work that way – Batman’s the same, having been stuck in postal limbo it only arrived yesterday.

The official line from EA, then, says that review code for Battlefield 3 is set for Tuesday to coincide with a ‘day one’ update.  “DICE are perfectionists,” says the email, “they will not stop polishing the game until it is in your hands. The Day 1 update incorporates real-time feedback from the beta, ensuring that the consumer experience on launch day is outstanding. It is the actual consumer experience that we wish to be reviewed.”

Quite how a Korean 360 version of the game has appeared is anyone’s guess.



  1. That Ruliweb link seems to contain PS3 images not 360.

  2. Makes me suspicious. All a little too convenient, they haven’t got something to hide have they? Suppose we’ll have to wait and see…

    • Me too. I suspect the campaign might be weak, for several reasons. We all know most players buy/play CoD for the multiplayer, so perhaps EA have spend most of their time on this. Subsequently the campaign might not have had as much attention, which most reviews would be based on. I could be wrong but what with the Norwegian fiasco, I’m growing suspicious.

      • Battlefield has always been about Multiplayer, and DICE don’t say any different. So they will want to wait for the patch to be released before any reviews go out.

      • On 360 the Campaign is relegated to Disk 2 so it would not surprise me one bit if it were less than 6 hours long.

      • Sounds like it’s being rushed just to be released ahead of CoD then. Day 1 patch and no reviews.

      • most games have day one patch, well MP anyway. I don’t think its being rushed as DICE said they have it all ready to go already, the patch is for all the fixes made since the beta.

      • Surely that doesn’t mean they should withold reviews?

      • “Sounds like it’s being rushed just to be released ahead of CoD then. Day 1 patch and no reviews”

        It would appear so wouldn’t it. I do get the feeling that if it wasn’t for the impending release of MW3 this would have been pushed back till nearer to christmas as I don’t think DICE are happy with it. They certainly seem to be lacking in confidence at least…

      • The Battlefield series has always been about the multiplayer. In fact it is the multiplayer that is the star of the show. They started working on single-player campaigns with Bad Company 1. And FYI, they’ve been working on Battlefield 3 for about 5 years now. The Bad Company series can thus be considered a spin-off of the series… a ‘break’ to give the developers time to develop the new engine for Battlefield 3. As long as you guys don’t act upon your assumptions, it’s okay. Judge AFTER the game comes out, and AFTER you’ve played it. :)

  3. The Image avove – “This man is guarding the review disks. WITH A GUN”
    No he isn’t EA has ask this guy to make sure they give the reviews a solid 10/10 or they will never see daylight……

    Sorry not a morning person and Batman has put me off *grumbling*
    Will have to wait and see what PSM3 Magazine has to say about this….

  4. Says a lot about the confidence publishers/developers have in their game if you’ve done your Uncharted 3 review, but are still scrambling to get a Battlefield 3 disc.

    • Uncharted 3 went gold a while back though, so there plenty of time to schedule reviews etc. Sounds like BF3 is still being developed with respect to that day 1 patch.

      • Rushed to beat MW3 on the shelves more like.

      • Yep. Sadly.

      • Exactly CC. Naughty Dog have made the game and given themselves plenty of time to build hype in preparation. Meanwhile, DICE shout about their game, can’t get it right on time so have to release a day one patch and rush their game out.

      • You’re wrong my friend. DICE has been working on Battlefield 3 for about 5 years now. MW3 has been development for 9 months or so. They’re not rushing at all. They’re trying to nail everything down to perfection. Like Karl Troedsson said, they’ve had problems with the servers crumbling during day 1. This leaves a bad impression. Many people misunderstood the beta. The beta was to test the back-end servers according to Karl. DICE wants everything perfect. This is good for us gamers. :) Don’t make silly assumptions.

  5. I never buy a game until I see reviews.

    • Reviews or rental experience for me. Sadly with all the piss-cheese ‘access codes’ these days it makes it very hard to properly get a feel for a game when renting.

      • “piss-cheese” – I spat coffee, genius bro :D

  6. I have already cancelled my pre-order of this in favour of U3 (can’t afford both atm). I have added this as my top priority rental but obviously I won’t be able to play that online!

  7. very strange indeed. Can’t really afford the game at release or for a while but will be looking forward to a TSA review, that’s if you can XD

  8. First thoughts are the first part of the game may be good with a poor finish. Reviewers won’t have time to check the whole game before reviewing so will give out false reviews.

    Makes sense, but after going on and on and on and on about how great their game is and how much better than MW3 it will be without even playing MW3 – If they don’t deliver it will eventually hit them harder for any follow on games – which makes me think my earlier point will be wrong. Surely they are confident in their game to rave on about it so much.

    • I wholeheartedly agree that it may well nail future games.

      However – In for a penny, in for a pound – they don’t need to be confident in this, just to shift enough copies to make money. If it’s pap they can either can the series or pull a similar stunt next time.

      I’m reserving judgement of the game till I’ve seen reviews/played a demo/etc – my comment is just a cold assessment of modern marketing.

  9. I don’t care if the campaign ends up being short, as long as it’s awesome. I’ve seen enough to believe it will be.

    We already know the online mp will be pretty special too, so I’m not worried at all.

    sort of on topic: will be preordering Uncharted 3 in a bit, Saints Row the third should get my money too but it’s a lot to get at once…

    • Are you me? These are the exact same three games I’ve been battling with. Trying to decide which to get pre-ordered and which ones to hold off for Christmas or rental.

  10. I’m very dubious indeed about this. Usually these sorts of shenanigans are designed solely to prevent an honest review of a games quality from impacting on early sales. I don’t buy the whole “DICE are perfectionists/review of the customers product” PR line I’m afraid. this is fishier than Dashi stock.

    • Yeah, surely if they were perfectionists, they would push back release, more like what valve do with their games.. They don’t rush and have a day one patch.

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