‘Zombie Apocalypse Never Die Alone’ Trailer is Suitably OTT

A trailer for Konami’s PSN/LIVE title, Zombie Apocalypse Never Die Alone, has been released. As well as being a total pain to fit in the headline box in WordPress, the game is a twin stick shooter with squad based gameplay. It’ll also feature online and offline co-op. Also, ZOMBIES.

Expect it this month.

Source: VG247



  1. yay.. as if we ever have enough zombie games these days..

  2. Was wondering how ZA1 measured up to the awesome Dead Nation – Love DN, much due to the larger levels. ZA seemed more like a stationary ‘King of the hill’ type of deal.
    Any thoughts?

  3. No offence but this doesn’t look nearly as awesome as Dead Nation – it’s looks a bit cheesy. And the Dead Nation DLC is brilliant, and offers something very different to the campaign.

    Although 4-player co-op might be good, but if you’re not fussed about zombies, Renegade Ops is already out and is excellent 4-player.

  4. Can you say “generic zombie shooter”?

  5. “This fall, the un-dead return”, seriously, the sods never left.

  6. Hmm, i’m not too sure about this. It seems a tad bit generic and could say borrows Dead Nation’s control scheme.(from the looks of it.)

    I think the undead genre needs to rest in peace for a while as there seems to be a lot of zombies nowadays. I like killing the undead feckers.

  7. Too many zombies.. just looks like dead nation but not as good in my opinion.

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