Battlefield 3 Launch Trailer Released

With the game only days away from hitting stores, a new Battlefield 3 trailer has been released. Hopefully TSA will get the chance to review the game and give it a thorough going over.

Check it out below.

Source: YouTube


  1. This trailer blows any right out of the water, licking my lips for next week!!!

  2. Incredible!

  3. It looks good. I think BF3 has risen from my get when very cheap list to get when i actually have cash list and then get brutally murdered by my wallet list. I wonder when EA will let TSA review it?

    • No idea. I’m sure a few of us will buy it anyway. Trailer = awesome, but it’s not difficult to pick out the best bits… We’ll see.

      • I suspect the jet level will be a favorite amongst TSAers. I wouldn’t be surprised if you or one of the staff have already preordered it and plan on using that for a review. :)

  4. I. Need. This. Game. Now!
    I was pretty excited for the MW3 sp, but, I’m looking forward to this even more now!
    Holy hell, really glad I pre ordered the game yesterday now…

  5. Can’t wait until next week when i can get my grubby mitts on this!! Oh well, guess i’ll just have to tide myself over with batman until then!

    That’s a shame. :D

    • It’s a hard life man…it’s a hard life…

      • I know – I’m not sure how i’m gonna make it through.

        I’ll give it my best shot though! :)

  6. Ohhhh it’s an amazing trailer. I cannot wait for next week. Must complete Batman: Arkham City in time for Battlefield 3!

  7. Oh wow.

  8. Can’t wait until Thursday, Battlefield delivered + a week off work…. Hmmmm must get some beers in

    • is that a beer i see in your hand soldier???? lol

  9. What is the name of that music? D:

  10. Might have just persuaded me to get a pre-order in. Maybe.

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